Buffer Sterialisation - Solaris[PRO]
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Buffer sterilisation

with UV technology

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No more...

...algae growth

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Solvent extraction

made easy.

Superon SOLARIS[PRO] HPLC Protection System

Universal solution


  • Uses UV light to kill bacteria
  • Last 5,000 hours
  • Fits standard bottles 2-5 Litres

Healthy HPLC

HPLC systems are adversely affected by bacteria, fungi and algae. By removing the threat of contaminated buffer sitting in-line, the SOLARIS[PRO] keeps your system well conditioned.

Cost savings

  • Saves solvent, reducing man hours
  • Keeps systems running without downtime
  • Reduces engineer call-outs

How does the SOLARIS[PRO] pay for itself?
SOLARIS[PRO] UV SterilisationThe presence of algae in HPLC systems leads to chromatography issues, and since its growth is accelerated by buffers such as phosphate and acetate, the risk is palpable.Algae before after

Whilst legacy degassing systems used helium, modern technology does not, giving algae a much better chance of growing.

Algae, fungi and bacteria

The SOLARIS[PRO] prevents algae (as well as fungi and bacteria) from growing in buffer, thus avoiding known issues related to the presence of algae within HPLC systems:

  • High system pressure / Unstable flow leading to pump failure

  • Higher noise levels leading to dirty flow cells.

Buffer after 1 week
using Solaris[PRO]
Buffer after 1 week
without Solaris[PRO]

Algae & HPLC

There are known HPLC system performance issues related to the presence of algae:

1. Algae deposits on ball valves

Specific part failure: Total pump failure
System symptom: Unstable flow
Cause:Deposits on ball valves, inlet or outlet / Small pore solvent inlet filters become plugged
Solution:Flush system with IPA / Replace check valves
Cost:User time / Engineer visit & replacement check valves

2. Cell windows affected by algae growth

Specific part failure: Flow cell windows (detector)
System symptom: Higher noise levels
Cause:Windows become dirty with growth
Solution:Flush system with IPA / Replace flow cell
Cost:User time / Engineer visit & replacement flow

3. Plugged solvent filters

Specific part failure: Total pump failure
System symptom: High system pressure
Cause:Small pore high pressure solvent filters become plugged
Solution:Replace filters / Replace check valves
Cost:User time and replacement filters / Engineer visit & replacement check valves

4. White algae deposits on filters

Specific part failure: PTFE frits blockage on the purge valve & column filter blockage
System symptom: Increased system pressure
Cause:Algae appears as white / yellow-white deposit on filters
Solution:Replace frit / Replace column
Cost:User time and new frit / New column

Downtime costs

As demonstrated above, the presence of algae in any HPLC system will lead to both performance issues and hardware failure.

With the significant cost of engineer call-outs, as well as the resultant downtime, algae prevention is key - the small cost of owning and running the Solaris[PRO] means that any lab can consider this UV sterilisation solution a must have.

Solvent Extraction Kit

Prevent contamination

This accessory builds on the benefits of securing your solvent in a sealed environment.

By allowing your buffer to be extracted from the bottle using a luer lock syringe (not supplied), you benefit because the UV lamp can remain fixed to the bottle and solvent extracted as required, thus preventing contamination.

In addition, it means that the buffer you use is identical to mobile phase component.


Extraction accessory fits to UV lamp head using the supplied nut and ferrule - the user simply turns the valve to control the solvent flow as required.
Solaris extraction accessory


Voltage: 12 V DC
Temperature range: 4 – 90°C
Operational life span: 5,000 hours
Compatibility:2 - 5 Litre flasks
GL-45 thread


Part No.DescriptionPrice 
SOL-4774Solaris[PRO] UV Sterilisation Pack£650Buy
SOL-4668Solaris[PRO] UV Device£490Buy
SOL-4669Universal Power Supply£85Buy
SOL-4691Solvent Extraction Accessory£45Buy

In Summary

Protects your HPLC

HPLC Instrumentation are easily adversely affected by bacteria, fungi and algae. By removing the threat of contaminated buffer sitting in-line, the SOLARIS[PRO] keeps your system well conditioned, thus avoiding expensive downtime and engineer call-outs.

Toxic chemicals no longer required

SOLARIS[PRO] supersedes the requirement for algae inhibitors, such as Sodium Azide, which affect chromatography.

Sealed environment

SOLARIS[PRO] sterilises the solvent after the bottle is filled. By utilising a 0.2 μm air intake filter, biological pathogens cannot form. In addition, contamination with particles from the laboratory environment (e.g. dust) is also prevented.

Savings: Time and cost

Solaris looks after itself - by having the lamp continuously switched on, man hours are considerably reduced and process efficiency maximised; no wasted solvent, no solvent disposal, no down time while new buffer is created, no associated buffer / preservative costs.

Easy to handle

  • The system comes ready to use and can be mounted on all 2L-5L solvent bottles with a GL-45 thread.
  • Easy to install and to replace.
  • Cleaning: Simply rinse with deionised water.

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