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    Diol LC Column. Porosity: 120Å, Length: 150mm, I.D.: 3.0mm...

    L20 (Stainless Steel Hardware). Length: 150mm, I.D.: 3.0mm, pH range: 1-10

    Diol Phase 
    Alternative NameDiol
    Functional Group-(CH2)2OCH2(CH2OH)2
    USP DescriptionDihydroxypropane groups chemically bonded to porous silica particles 3 to 10 µm in diameter
    ApplicationReversed Phase: Proteins, peptides. Normal Phase: Similar selectivity to silica, but less polar.
    Normal PhaseYes
    Reverse PhaseYes
    Ion ExchangeNo
    Typical Efficency:75000 plates/m
    pH Range1-10