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    100µL, Model 1710, Hamilton Syringe For CTC Combi PAL and G...

    Volume: 100 µL
    Syringe Type: Gastight
    Syringe Series: 1700
    Termination: Fixed Needle (FN)
    Needle: Fixed Needle, no glue or cement
    Gauge: 26s gauge
    Point Style: AS
    Autoclavable: No
    Gas Sterilizable: Yes
    Maximum Pressure: 1000 psig (68.9 bar)
    Maximum Temperature: 50°C / 122°F
    Minimum Temperature: 20°C / 68°F
    Sales Quantity: 1 syringe per pack
    Std. Needle Dead Volume: 0.64 µL
    Needle Inner Diameter: 0.005 inches (0.13 mm)
    Needle Outer Diameter: 0.019 inches (0.483 mm)
    Fluid Path : SST, borosilicate glass, PTFE
    Length: 2 inch (51 mm)