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  • £1,002.00

    Electron Multiplier for HP 5971, 5972 & GCD GC-MSD

    This detector has been specifically designed to retrofit HP 5971, 5972 and GCD GC-MSD systems.

    Being completely self contained and plug compatible with the original equipment, it comes complete with an electrical lead set.

    No special mounting assemblies or other hardware are required and installation or replacement of the multiplier takes about 5 minutes once the mass spectrometer is cooled and vented to atmosphere.

  • £1,164.00

    Electron Multiplier for Shimadzu QP 5000 GC-MS

    This detector is specifically designed for the QP5000 GC-MS.

    The ETP-14533 is a direct “plug-in” replacement electron multiplier for the QP5000 mass spectrometer and is fully compatible with the Shimadzu hardware and software.

    There are three electrical connections to be made to install – electrical connections are made via the three pins extending from the base of the multiplier.

    There are three connection pins, 1) high voltage, 2) shield and 3) signal output (Ground is connected via the mounting bracket).

  • £65.00

    Maintenance Kit – Diffusion (Agilent 5973 GC-MSD)

    Designed to service all HP / Agilent GC-MSD diffusion pumps (made by Edwards) on the 5973 series instruments. This kit provides all the o-rings required, as well as oil and ceramic insulator in order to maintain high vacuum pressure for the pupm to run at its full potential.