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RephiDuo P Pack (Pre-treatment). Alternative to Millipore® PREPAK 1 PRPK00001

PRPK00001 Prefiltration PREPAK Millipore


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Rest of World: Up to 31 working days
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This cartridge, alternative to Millipore® PREPAK 1 pre-treatment pack for optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes, has been designed to remove most of the particles, organic compounds and chlorine from tap water to protect the Progard TL1 pre-treatment pak and the RO membranes.

Compatible with Millipore® Elix Clinical 35 and 70, Elix Gulfstream Clinical and Elix 20/35/70/100 water purification systems.

Technologies employed: Activated carbon and depth filtration.

1 pack.

More Specification / Info

Packaged Weight 2.8 kg
Packaged Dimensions 57 x 22 x 16 cm


Models Used On

Elix 100, Elix 20, Elix 35, Elix 70, Elix® Clinical, Elix® Gulfstream

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