Solaris[PRO] UV Sterilisation Device (1 litre)

Solaris[PRO] UV sterilisation


Expected Delivery

UK: Order of 1 unit: 2 working days / 2 units and over: Max 7 working days
EU: Order of 1unit : 4 working days / 2 units and over: Max 10 working days
Rest of World: Up to 20 working days
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Protects your HPLC

HPLC Instrumentation are easily adversely affected by bacteria, fungi and algae. By removing the threat of contaminated buffer sitting in-line, the SOLARIS[PRO] keeps your system well conditioned, thus avoiding expensive downtime and engineer call-outs.

Toxic chemicals no longer required

SOLARIS[PRO] supersedes the requirement for algae inhibitors, such as Sodium Azide, which affect chromatography.

Sealed environment

SOLARIS[PRO] sterilises the solvent after the bottle is filled. By utilising a 0.2 μm air intake filter, biological pathogens cannot form. In addition, contamination with particles from the laboratory environment (e.g. dust) is also prevented.

Savings: Time and cost

Solaris looks after itself – by having the lamp continuously switched on, man hours are considerably reduced and process efficiency maximised; no wasted solvent, no solvent disposal, no down time while new buffer is created, no associated buffer / preservative costs.

Easy to handle

  • The system comes ready to use and can be mounted on all 1 Litre solvent bottle with a GL-45 thread.
  • Easy to install and to replace.
  • Cleaning: Simply rinse with deionised water.

* Important note – power supply sold separately – buy here


Wavelength: 254 nm
Voltage: 12 V DC
Temperature range: 4 – 90°C
Lamp hours: 5,000
Compatible bottles: 1 Litres, GL-45 thread

More Specification / Info

Packaged Weight 0.5 kg
Packaged Dimensions 40 x 30 x 12 cm