HPLC & GC Servicing Qualification Service with Cal Maintenance Agreements

HPLC & GC Servicing FAQs


Q. Can I have the Service Agreement that I want?


Yes! All too often we hear of customers getting roped into extras that they didn’t want, or that they have not received exactly what they expected.

At Jaytee, we aim to give you the level of service that you require. The service agreement levels should be viewed as a starting point only which can then be tailored to your requirements.

Q. I like to have the same engineer to build a good working relationship.


Where possible, Jaytee will ensure that the same engineer continues to provide maintenance continuity.

Q. Why should I have my Mass Spec maintained?


Mass Spectrometers being very intricate instruments need regular service to keep them performing to their published specifications. PM visits ensure that the instruments are regularly inspected and tuned to avoid expensive repairs and instrument down-time. Since instruments need maintenance during the year, having a PM visit ensures that all consumables are replaced at one time minimising any risk of unnecessary breakdowns.

Q. What documentation do I receive regarding work carried out?


All Jaytee service and PM work has full documentation, with checklists and service report left with the customer. For “Service Plus” Agreements, a full validated documentation pack is provided.

Q. Can I have more than one instrument on contract and share some emergency time amongst instruments?



Q. Do you cover the whole of the UK?


Yes, we provide service cover for instruments anywhere in the European Union. Jaytee also supply instruments and parts worldwide.

Q. Are there a range of contract options?


Yes. You can choose from a PM only, a PM with some emergency time or a PM with unlimited time and parts. We also offer PQ/validation as an add-on.

In addition, we also tailor packages to meet individual requirements.

Q. Is technical support available?


Yes. Having a contract automatically entitles the user to comprehensive technical support, both by e-mail and telephone.

Q. What advantages are there to having a service contract?


A maintenace contract does more than provide a method of paying in advance for preventative maintenance. It provides peace of mind.

Q. I would like to know at a glance my instrument reliability, and I want to make the right decision when replacing systems.


We are often asked this question because reliability is often perceived rather than proven. Jaytee can provide customised instrument / system / location History Reports demonstrating costs and downtime (from call to fix), thus simplifying your decision or justification.