1100 G1322A G1379A upgrade repair

Jaytee run a service which upgrades your old G1322A / G1379A 1100 Degasser into a fully refurbished G1322S low volume, quick start-up unit, with the following added benefits:

  • Communicates fully with stack as per standard degasser
  • Long life – 5 years continuous run times
  • Quicker vac down times
  • Internal channel volume: 480µL (volumes of 670µL (2.8 mL/min) and 925µl (4 mL/min) available – please enquire.
  • DuPont / Teflon AF membrane
  • Eliminates baseline fluctuations due to the vacuum pump
  • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
  • Advanced error & leak checking functions
  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 mins
  • Remove pre-bubbles formed by cavitation vs bubbles formed by off-the-floor eluent reservoirs
  • Extremely quiet operational noise
  • 4 channels
  • Wetted parts – PEEK & Teflon AF
  • THF resistant chambers available upon request
  • 1 Year Warranty

Why upgrade your Agilent / HP G1322A or G1379A to a G1322S?

On-line vacuum degassing has been shown to be more effective at removing dissolved gas from mobile phases than other methods. By upgrading to the Jaytee 1322S Degasser you also take advantage of the latest vacuum degassing technologies.

The new Teflon® AF used in the Jaytee1322S is 50X more permeable than older Teflon® PTFE materials, allowing the use of shorter tubing lengths. The volume of each Teflon® AF channel is only 480µl which offers the following advantages:

  • Considerably shorter equilibration / re- equilibration times
  • Very easy and quick to prime
  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 minutes
  • Removal of pre-pump bubbles formed by cavitation

Degasser 1100 Upgrade

Vacuum Pump Technology & Smart Control

Installed in the 1322S degasser is the constant run stepper motor driven vacuum pump which has been specifically designed for maximum degassing efficiency.

Employing micro-stepping closed-loop smart vacuum control permits the upgraded G1322S to maintain a constant vacuum level set-point (50 mmHg).

The pump initially runs at a high speed which provides for a quick pull-down, then, as it approaches the vacuum control point, the RPM is gradually reduced until the desired vacuum level reached. This control strategy allows the G1322S to maintain a virtually constant vacuum that is unaffected by varying degassing loads.

Fluctuations in detector baselines due to vacuum hysteresis are eliminated by not having the pump repeatedly stop and start as is done in the original G1322A/G1379A degasser.

Other benefits of the NEW G1322S technology include:

  • Extremely quiet operational noise
  • Long life Expectancy – 5 years continuous run
  • Pump head purge eliminates need for purge valve
  • Eliminate baseline fluctuations due to the vacuum pump
  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 minutes
  • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
  • Advanced error and leak checking functions
  • Fully compatible with Agilent event I/O for shutdown & Chemstation interaction

General Specifications

Number of channels:4
Internal Channel Volume: 480µL
Wetted Parts:Peek and Teflon AF
Operating voltage: 110-230V

 Jaytee G1322SAgilent / HP G1322AAgilent / HP G1379A
Maximum flow rate2 ml/min per channel*10 ml/min per channel0 - 10 ml/min per channel (5-10mL Reduced Degassing)
Typical Internal channel volume480µL*12mL1mL
Membrane materialDuPont Teflon AFPTFEPTFE
Closed loop vacuum controlYesNoNo
Independent ChannelsYesNoNo
THF resistant chambers availableYesNoNo
Low Flow Rate Option <1.0ml/min (100ul volume)YesNoNo
High Flow Rate Option 10ml/min (925ul volume)YesNoNo
* Internal channel volumes of 670µL (2.8 mL/min) and 925µl (4 mL/min) available - please enquire.

This exchange programme operates on the basis whereby we deliver an off the shelf updated Jaytee 1100 G1322S/G1379S degasser with specification as described.

Each unit comes with a 12 month, Return-to-Base (Kent, UK) warranty as standard.

Once a firm order has been received, we await delivery of your old G1322A/G1379A (which does not need to be in working order) and then send you the exchange unit & invoice for £1695 (G1322S) or £1795 (G1379S) (plus P&P if outside mainland UK).

Please follow ‘Enquire’ link above, or phone +44(0)1227 265333, quoting part number HP-1100-206E to get a full quote and to place your order.

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