Jaytee UK distributor for the Ampulmatic-10 Ampoule sealer...


  • Easy setup
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Proven seal consistency
  • Adjustable ampoule dwell time
  • Carousel designed for Schott glassware
  • Operated on natural gas, MAPP or propane


  • Automatically purges the headspace
  • Inert gas before and/or after filling
  • Minimise sample deterioration
  • Reduce flammability
  • Ideal for sealing volatile substances
  • Residual oxygen reduced to as low as 1%


  • Fills each ampoule with a precisely measured quantity of liquid
  • Ranges from 0.1 mL to 20 mL with a relative standard deviation of 0.5%.

Ampulmatic-10 Flame sealer


For the small to medium sized lab looking to automate what can be a time intensive and inconsistent process, the Ampulmatic-10 sealer is the ideal tool.

Heat-sealable glass ampoules or vials are widely used in the laboratory to preserve and store samples, especially sensitive samples for long term storage.

The advantage of using ampoules is the inert properties of glass - when the ampoule is heat sealed, sample isolation and integrity can be ensured over long periods of time, especially if inert gas is injected into the ampoule prior to sealing.


Automation of the flame sealing process negates a host of issues; the Ampulmatic Ampoule Sealer significantly eases, speeds and offers better consistency of ampoule sealing. The mechanism automatically spins the ampoules, whilst at the same time melting the top with an oxygen/propane flame to form a positive hemispherical seal.


Featuring easy setup, fully automatic operation, and proven seal consistency at both the bench and pilot scale. With the easily adjustable ampoule dwell time, it is capable of sealing approximately 900 ampoules per hour with ampoule sizes ranging from “onion skin” 1mL to 50mL.

Custom carousels can be created for non-standard ampoule sizes (please enquire). For sealing different types of glass, the Ampulmatic-10 can be operated on natural gas, MAPP or propane, with technical grade oxygen at 10 to 20 psi.

The following customisations are available:

  • Dual flame for sealing very thick glass ampoules or vials
  • Taller torch tip bracket for very tall ampoules or vials
  • Customised dwell time ranges for a variety of sealing applications
  • Carousel inserts for sealing chilled ampoules that condensate


The Ampulmatic-10 ampoule sealing and filling system has been designed with many built in safety features to ensure ease of operation. Additional safety accessories include:250px-Glasses-Gloves

  • Flame Shield to protect the operator’s hands from the sealing flame
  • Foot Pedal to shut off the system if necessary
  • Safety Glasses (glass lamp working grade) designed to fit with or without prescription glasses.
  • Safety Gloves (Kevlar) with a flexibility to allow for easy handling of glass ampoules.

THE MANUFACTURER: Bioscience IncBioscience, Inc.

Bioscience, Inc., has been a trusted partner in the field of waste and waste water treatment and monitoring worldwide for 30 years. Founded in 1984, the Pennsylvania, USA firm specialises in the application of custom microbial cultures for the biological processing of waste, as well as the manufacture of specialized instruments and test kits for waste water analysis. Bioscience, Inc., which holds ISO 9001:2008 certification, provides innovative services and solutions for environmentally sound bio treatment and analysis of waste and waste water.


Available for purchase, we have a unit available for demonstrations - please call 01227 265333 now and ask for Paul, or contact us.

  • Amputation-10 Ampoule Sealer System
  • Base Unit
  • Purge Gas Injector only
  • Liquid Filler only
  • Carousels
  • Syringes
  • Consumables


We provide a contract service for customers who have short batch runs to execute. For full pricing details, please call 01227 265333 now and ask for Paul, or contact us.

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