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CBD testing...

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...for oils, plant matter,
isolate, e-liquids, foods,
capsules & more.

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The UK’s authorities are tightening the regulations surrounding the sale of CBD-based consumables - now is the time to partner with a trusted, laboratory.

C of A CBD Testing

Jaytee have invested heavily in state of the art technology to create assays for Δ9CBD, THC and other cannabinoids , as well as pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins and terpene content.

For a seller, manufacturer or distributor of hemp/Cannabidiol (CBD) based products, the presence of these contaminants and toxins pose both a danger to the consumer, and you as a business.

Jaytee's CBD Testing services help guide you towards compliance.

Testing Portfolio


CBD Products


  • CBD

  • Δ9 THC

  • Oils

  • Cannabis sativa plant material
    (flowers & leaves)

  • Isolate

  • e-Liquids

  • Patches

  • Capsules

  • Creams

  • and more

  • Residual solvents

  • Pesticides

  • Mycotoxins

  • CBD chirality by polarimetry







C of A


What does Jaytee testing mean for you?
Our fully validated methodologies allow us to accurately test for the top 250 known pesticides, to a quantification level of 0.01 parts-per-billion (ppb) and provide a profile for the 7 most common cannabinoids. In addition, we provide terpene analysis (by GC-MS) as well as optical purity and integrity of CBD (by polarimetry & FTIR).

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In Summary

Potency of Cannabidiol & THC Testing

We identify levels of both Cannabidiol & THC in your product using our potency screen, proving you with confidence that your product meets regulatory requirements with verified levels in your CBD based products.

Residual Solvent

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a technique often used to make process hemp-based products, a method that can leave flavonoids and other water soluble compounds behind.  Whilst solvents are permitted to be used in the processing of foodstuffs under EU regulations, the types of solvent and the amount of residue considered safe are clearly defined.  Isolate manufactured with the use of solvents may not necessarily be completely solvent-free.

Pesticide Analysis

There are strict limits as to how much pesticide residue is permitted in consumable products - CBD-based products that use an extraction and concentration process can cause a concentrating effect of these residues; using a combination of techniques, we identify 256 of the most common pesticides to a level of 0.01 parts-per-billion.


Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolic products of molds present on almost all agricultural commodities worldwide and are toxic even in small quantities. Because mycotoxins are concentrated during hemp extraction, it is important to test for them.

Our specific UHPLC-MS/MS method ensures that molds such as Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G1 and Ochratoxin A are identified.

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