Introducing Jaytee

Founded in 1983, Jaytee Biosciences Ltd are established as the UK’s leading third party service company for HPLC, GC and MS. As such, Jaytee is well respected amongst the UK’s largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies as a quality led supplier and service provider.

Areas Of Business

Jaytee’s main areas of businesses are in HPLC, GC, LC-MS and GC-MS servicing, as well as the calibration of HPLC, GC, UV and Mass Spec equipment. We also supply consumable products for HPLC, GC and Mass Spec and reconditioned systems.

Servicing & Maintenance

As a continually expanding company Jaytee have a great deal to offer, from service agreements to total instrument portfolio management. Since each client has different requirements, we are able to provide tailored service agreements.
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Jaytee has developed its calibration policy in line with the marketplace and offers a wide range of HPLC/LC-MS calibration services. More and more of our customers now have a requirement for instrument PQ/validation. At Jaytee we have developed a unique approach to this, and provide our own calibration package that is specific to the customer and their needs.
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In 2011, Jaytee launched a range of UKAS Certified Calibration Standards for HPLC and UV Spec.
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Parts & Consumables

Together with our HPLC services, GC servicing & calibration, Jaytee are pleased to supply an extensive range of HPLC parts and accessories. Jaytee supply the industry from large stocks of OEM and alternative parts, and are exclusive distributors for the Kromega range. Jaytee are also proud to be the UK distributors for our first class partners Optimize Technologies, CRS, Valco and Rheodyne.
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We have always been aware of the critical quality requirements of our customers. At Jaytee everyone is involved in creating a total quality environment. Jaytee have been registered to the ISO 9000 series since 1995 and during this time have always been able to meet the high standards that our customers demand. Our quality system currently complies and is registered to the latest BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The regular review of our quality system ensures that we continue to have a working system of the highest possible calibre.