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This superb AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 System is a highly sensitive triple quad MS, refurbished by Jaytee.

Built in 2016, this model is designed to deliver the highest level of sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices, this QTRAP 5500 exceeds the performance required by the most demanding DMPK and ADMET studies, as well as excelling at multi-component quantitation required by environmental, targeted quantitative proteomics, clinical research, and food and beverage applications.

st5564 QTRAP 5500 from Sciex

QTRAP Functionality

Triple Quad LC-MS/MS systems deliver superior quantitative results in a single injection workflow. When you activate the optional QTRAP functionality, your instrument acts as a linear ion trap (LIT). This allows you to acquire even more data from your sample without sacrificing the sensitivity or quality of your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis. The QTRAP technology incorporates additional scan types, such as MRM3 (MS/MS/MS), Enhanced Product Ion scans (EPI) and many more. The additional scans can run at the same time you are acquiring your MRM, without any impact on performance or quality of data.

Built from the ground up on new, fast eQ™ electronics, this 5500 system combines new and improved patented technologies with a powerful new generation of Analyst® software. The result is a robust, high throughput platform and a new level of quantitative performance in a reliable, easy-to-use system.

Please see the pdf of qualification and sensitivity data above, displaying the true performance of our system.

Fast, precise quantitative performance

Ultra-fast triple quadrupole scan speeds improve precursor ion and neutral loss scan performance, ideal for fast chromatography. Fast LC also demands incredibly short dwell times for MRM experiments - the innovative Scheduled MRMTM algorithm automatically optimises dwell times and maximises the capacity to deliver quality quantitation.

Whilst many mass spectrometry systems offer either quantitative or qualitative structural analysis, the unique hybrid architecture of the QTRAP® system offers both exceptional qualitative and quantitative information from the same instrument and in the same analytical run.

The unparalleled scan speeds and sensitivity of this QTRAP 5500 is made possible by advanced eQTM electronics, which in turn drive the unique TripleTrapTM scanning technology to move from triple quadrupole mode to Linear AcceleratorTM trap mode in the blink of an eye, enabling workflow-driven data acquisition that cannot be done on any other mass spectrometer. Intelligent linking of the system’s capabilities with TripleTrapTM scanning opens up powerful and unique workflows that accelerate your research and bring new levels of productivity and reproducibility. For example, predictive MRM (pMRM) identifies and characterizes a comprehensive set of metabolites including extremely low level metabolites in one time-saving analysis; screening for Pesticides and Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP) is achieved with ultimate confidence; and MRM assay development of peptides and proteins using the MIDASTM workflow results in more robust MRM assays and saves money and time by removing the need for synthetic or purified peptide or protein standards.

Turbo V™ source

The installed Turbo V™ source provides high sensitivity analysis over a wide range of flow rates with quick-change APCI and TurboIonSpray® probes. From 50 μL/min to 5 mL/min, the Turbo V is the perfect match for narrow bore, standard bore and UHPLC flow rates, delivering unprecedented desolvation and stability for even the toughest high-flow applications utilized to drive productivity.

QJet® ion guide’s patented design yields improved ion containment and operates at high pressure, providing better collisional focusing to enhance ion transmission for ultimate sensitivity. The new design also reduces the gas load, allowing the turbopump to run cooler in its ideal operating range. All this leads to our most reliable system yet and with tool-free maintenance, clean-up is simple and straightforward.

For the full breakdown of the technologies that drive this sytem, please refer to the manufacturer's brochure >>

Reproducible, robust and easy to use

SelexIONTM technology supports highly selective quantitative and qualitative LC/MS/MS workflows with the QTRAP® 5500.

  • Performs a gas phase differential ion mobility separation within the planar ion mobility cell based on the size and shape of the compound prior to entering the mass analyser
  • Reproducibility & robustness suitable to regulated bioanalysis standards
  • Enhanced separation power with use of integrated chemical modifiers such as IPA
  • On demand operation, can be turned off and on as needed without removing hardware
  • Can be setup or removed by the user within 2 minutes
  • Cycle times compatible with multi component analysis and UHPLC run times

What's Included

  • AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 LC-MS/MS (Built in 2016)
  • Turbo V™ source ( APCI and IonSpray probes)
  • Option of Waters Acquity or Agilent 1290 UPLC system (not pictured)
  • Varian MS40+ Roughing Pump
  • Sciex bench (as pictured)
  • PC with Analyst 1.6.2 software
  • New Samsung printer
  • Installation
  • 1 year on-site (UK) warranty
  • Optional training
  • Optional method development
  • Flexible payment terms

Offered with a full Jaytee Biosciences 1 year on-site warranty, this system is in excellent working condition and is ready for full demonstration - enquire below.


  • System - specification as outlined in the main description
  • Sample testing - supply your compound(s) and our method development expert will provide the results for instrument assessment
  • Demonstration of capability at our lab in Kent, UK
  • Operational Data, Performance Data
  • Full service report
  • System Installation by our in-house MS Engineer (enquire if outside the UK)

Optional Extras

  • Water re-circulator
  • Syringe pump - New or reconditioned
  • Nitrogen Generator - New or reconditioned
  • Air Purifier - from CLAIND
  • Air Compressor - from CLAIND
  • Maintenance Agreements / Calibration - As the UK's biggest independent service provider of LC/GC instrumentation, we offer 4 levels of cover. Details here...
  • On-site Training - Both system overview and software familiarisation
  • Extended Warranty - we know the quality of our workmanship and hold stock of spare parts, so please enquire if you require a longer warranty period.
  • Method Development - Our in-house method development specialist has had over 40 years experience in developing methods for one of the world's largest multi-nationals. Please enquire if you require assistance in developing your methods


Jaytee Biosciences Ltd provide a 12 month on-site warranty (UK), effective from the date of installation.

Note: Our warranty terms quoted for this system apply to mainland UK customers. For clients outside of this locale, please enquire at point of sale.

All warranty repairs will be attended on-site however Jaytee Biosciences reserve the right to return the instrument to base for further troubleshooting if required.


  • Capillaries
  • Tubing
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Exhaust Filters
  • Air Filters
  • PCs and Monitors
  • LC/GC Column Fittings
  • Electron Multipliers

Any other parts where cause of failure can be traced to customer error, neglect or accidental damage.

If you have any further queries or questions regarding warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us below.