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This Agilent 7000C GC-MS triple quad system, probably the finest GC-MS system we have seen, comes complete with EI ionization mode, is in excellent working condition, and comes complete with UK installation and a full 1 year warranty.

Agilent 7000C, 7890 & PAL3 RSI 85 GC-MS Triple Quad

This Agilent 7000C triple quadrupole GC-MS is feature-rich, including

  • Best MS sensitivity
  • Efficient and flexible MRM optimization
  • Eco-friendly resource management

The flagship 7890B GC has everything you need to generate data with confidence, while processing more samples in less time at the lowest possible cost. Its precise pneumatics and oven temperature control, combined with a versatile Multimode Inlet (MMI) and inert Split/Splitless inlets, deliver results you expect from the market-leading GC.

Advantages include:

  • Shorter analysis times
  • QuickSwap - fitted with Agilent's QuickSwap device which allows you to change a column or perform inlet maintenance without venting the MSD, saving a considerable amount of downtime
  • Longer column life
  • Less carryover
  • Extended maintenance-free operation

Positive MS/MS identification based on exact area counts

Reliable compound identification (like accurate quantitation) depends on the accuracy and precision of the qualifier ions' area count. The exceptional ion ratio stability of the 7000C allows you to positively identify compounds, even at trace concentrations, while eliminating false negatives.

MassHunter: Seamless Automation with Details You Can Customise

MassHunter MRM optimization software automatically generates the most favorable sequence of transitions to impart optimal detection conditions. If called upon, it even allows for automatic adjustment of the dwell time to compensate for specific response differences or detection level requirements.

System Advantages

  • Lower detection limits give you ultimate confidence in your trace-level analysis
  • Second-generation extractor EI Ion source with improved thermal profile delivers stable performance
  • MRM method generation is efficient, yet easily customisable
  • The Pesticides and Environmental Pollutants MRM Database is the most comprehensive
  • Inert Flow Path solutions create an inert sample path for higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility - especially at trace levels
  • MassHunter software streamlines your workflow from instrument tune to report generation
  • Direct GC+MS communication minimizes downtime while conserving power and gas
  • Early maintenance feedback keeps the system performing at its best
  • Eco-friendly features, such as Sleep/Wake modes, conserve electricity and other resources

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Agilent 7000C Specification

  • Mode of operation: EI
  • Ion source material: Noncoated, proprietary inert source
  • Ion source temperature : 150 to 350°C
  • Filaments: Dual filaments for EI
  • Electron energy: 10 to 300 eV
  • Mass filters (2): Proprietary monolithic hyperbolic gold-coated quadrupole
  • Mass axis stability: < ± 0.10 u over 24 hours (10 to 40°C)
  • Quadrupole temperature: 106 to 200°C
  • Mass range:10 to 1,050 m/z
  • Resolution: Selectable, 0.7 to 2.5 Daltons, default tune, Settable, 0.4 to 4.0 Daltons, custom tune
  • Scan rate: Up to 6,250 u/s
  • Tuning: Autotune or manual
  • Detector: Triple-Axis HED-EM with extended-life EM and dynamically ramped-iris
  • MRM speed: 800 transitions/sec
  • Minimum MRM dwell: 0.5 msec
  • Collision cell: Linear hexapole
  • Collision cell gas: Nitrogen with helium quench gas
  • Collision energy: Selectable up to 60 eV
  • Vacuum system: Dual stage turbomolecular pump, Total gas flow up to 8 mL/min

View Agilent's Specification

Agilent 7890B GC Specification


Agilent G7367-64120 PAL3 RSI 85 Autosampler (CTC style)


  • For liquid or headspace
  • Interfaces with top mounting to save valuable bench space
  • Integrated software control for MassHunter GC/MS software, with Series II Smart reports with details on consumables for process safety, reliability, and ease of use
  • The Series II technology utilises smart chips in the consumables that provide detailed information to the PAL3 sampling head and reports to the Agilent software for helpful reporting and full traceability
  • Heated syringe headspace, static and dynamic sampling for sample concentration
  • Capacity for 162 2mL vials and 45 10/20mL vials
  • Accommodates deep-well and standard microplates

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General System

  • MS, GC and CTC style autosampler
  • Windows 10 PC running MassHunter 10.0.368
  • Moisture & Nitro-carbon filters
  • TFT Screen
  • New Samsung printer
  • Edwards 5 Roughing Pump

Offered with UK installation and a full Jaytee Biosciences 1 year on-site warranty, this system is in excellent working condition and is ready for full demonstration - inquire below.


  • System - specification as outlined in the main description
  • Sample testing - supply your compound(s) and our method development expert will provide the results for instrument assessment
  • Demonstration of capability at our lab in Kent, UK
  • Operational Data, Performance Data
  • Full service report
  • System Installation by our in-house MS Engineer (enquire if outside the UK)

Optional Extras

  • Water re-circulator
  • Syringe pump - New or reconditioned
  • Nitrogen Generator - New or reconditioned
  • Air Purifier - from CLAIND
  • Air Compressor - from CLAIND
  • Maintenance Agreements / Calibration - As the UK's biggest independent service provider of LC/GC instrumentation, we offer 4 levels of cover. Details here...
  • On-site Training - Both system overview and software familiarisation
  • Extended Warranty - we know the quality of our workmanship and hold stock of spare parts, so please enquire if you require a longer warranty period.
  • Method Development - Our in-house method development specialist has had over 40 years experience in developing methods for one of the world's largest multi-nationals. Please enquire if you require assistance in developing your methods


Jaytee Biosciences Ltd provide a 12 month on-site warranty (UK), effective from the date of installation.

Note: Our warranty terms quoted for this system apply to mainland UK customers. For clients outside of this locale, please inquire at point of sale.

All warranty repairs will be attended on-site however Jaytee Biosciences reserve the right to return the instrument to base for further troubleshooting if required.


  • Capillaries
  • Tubing
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Exhaust Filters
  • Air Filters
  • PCs and Monitors
  • LC/GC Column Fittings
  • Electron Multipliers

Any other parts where cause of failure can be traced to customer error, neglect or accidental damage.

If you have any further queries or questions regarding warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us below.