Pump spares, MS kits, fittings, needles, tubing,O-rings, lamps and more

The kromega range of chromatography parts & consumables contains parts for the routine maintenance of popular systems from manufacturers such as Agilent, Dionex, Shimadzu, AB Sciex & Waters. Included are D2 & hollow cathode lamps (for AA), LC columns, LC autosampler & pump spares, LC-MS PM kits, syringe filters, tubing and certified qualification standards for chromatography instruments.With in-built flexibilty, the concept of the range is to allow you to select exactly what you need, and not be locked in to purchasing large kits. For instance, our tubing has been manufactured to withstand the demands of high performance liquid chromatography and is available by the metre. Our range of Waters and Agilent replacement chromatography o-rings, plungers and check valves are sold both as singles and as a kit.

The chromatography syringe filters are a comprehensive range of non-sterile disposable syringe

filters for reliable sample preparation.

Our GC-MS PM kits and LC-MS PM kits are broken down to provide kitting solutions for a range of Waters, PE, Agilent, Thermo and AB Sciex MS instrumentation. Designed by our in-house engineers over 7 years, these have been fully tested in our lab and in the field, and provide you with a cost-effective means of keeping your mass specs in tune.

Additionally, our growing range of qualification reference standards for HPLC and UV spectrophotometers is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your HPLC and UV spectrophotometer instrumentation qualification. Certified by UKAS, these are fully traceable, providing complete peace-of-mind. In addition, your audit trail is backed up by the independent verification to ISO Guide 34.

Chromatography spares and consumables

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