Jaytee lab move


When it comes to safely moving whole laboratories, there are a myriad of factors to account for.

Over the years, Jaytee have developed a method of working with clients that minimises downtime, and replicates lab functionality with a minimum of issues.



  • Creation of an equipment inventory including existing assets and items on order
  • Creation of a realistic schedule
  • Site assessment
  • Assessment of documentation requirements
  • Assessment of compliance documentation needs pertinent to post-installation qualification (IQ OQ PQ), verification, and validation, as well as non-move-related gaps pertaining to regulatory compliance in general

During Move


  • Initiating instrument tracking process
  • Pre-shipment preparation of lab equipment before dismantling, such as instrument decontamination, purging and "parking" of moveable mechanical parts, as required
  • Individual de-commissioning, packing, tagging, and re-commissioning of instrument systems
  • Packing lab ware, accessories and laboratory equipment spare parts
  • Management and coordination of all sub-contractors
  • Safe transportation of instruments

After Move


  • Unpacking and installing laboratory equipment at the new location
  • Testing functionality of each laboratory instrument at its new location
  • Preventive maintenance as needed
  • Calibration, as needed, of instruments
  • IQ OQ PQ qualification / validation and documentation, as needed
  • Delivery of samples to each department and lab

At Jaytee, we have a wealth of experience to impart on the process and as your single contact, the administrative burden on your staff is reduced dramatically and with a skilled, experienced team, Jaytee provides efficient and safe lab moves.

Throughout the lab relocation process, Jaytee remains:

  • Flexible. We can help you address the unexpected needs that arise in a move
  • Committed to communication. Frequent communication is key to the success of any lab relocation project

Each lab relocation is unique. Contact us now to find out the details of how Jaytee reduces the toll a lab move has on your staff and your productivity.


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