New – Thermo TSQ Endura Ultimate 3000 LC-MS/MS System for Sale

Thermo Scientific TSQ Endura System for sale

We are pleased to introduce to our MS portfolio the superb Thermo TSQ Endura LC-MS/MS system. Complete with a Ultimate 3000 UHPLC, Xcalibur data system, UK installation and a 12 month warranty, this superb performer delivers this best-in-class quantitation run after run and day after day, even for complex and difficult-to-run samples. Extreme quantitative value […]

Now For Sale – Agilent 6530 Q-ToF 1290 LC-MS/MS

Agilent 6530 Q-ToF LCMS 1290 System

Just tested at our HQ in the UK, we are happy to be making available for demonstration an Agilent 6530 Q-ToF 1290 LC-MS/MS system, including MassHunter software, UK installation and a full 1 year warranty. It features Agilent Jet Stream Thermal Focusing technology for significantly improved sensitivity, delivering exceptional sensitivity, excellent mass accuracy, fast data […]