For sale – Agilent 6490 iFunnel Triple Quad LC System

Featuring iFunnel technology, this newly refurbished Agilent 6490 LC-MS/MS system has been completely overhauled by our MS team.

The 6490 achieves its sensitivity from iFunnel technology, which is a combination of three fundamental innovations:

  • Agilent Jet Stream technology: a precisely micro-machined sprayer surrounds ESI droplets with a sheath of superheated gas to desolvate and concentrate ions near the MS inlet for more effective sampling
  • Hexabore sampling capillary: 6 independent, parallel bores enable a much larger fraction of the ions formed in the ESI spray plume to enter the mass spectrometer ion optics
  • Unique dual-stage ion funnel: efficient removal of large gas volumes and ion transfer to Q1 optics

Displaying excellent data, it is ready to view for demonstration, and comes complete with 1290 UHPLC, UK installation, warranty, training and method development options.

Flexible payment terms also an option – view the system now and book a demo: