New – Thermo TSQ Endura Ultimate 3000 LC-MS/MS System for Sale

We are pleased to introduce to our MS portfolio the superb Thermo TSQ Endura LC-MS/MS system.

Complete with a Ultimate 3000 UHPLC, Xcalibur data system, UK installation and a 12 month warranty, this superb performer delivers this best-in-class quantitation run after run and day after day, even for complex and difficult-to-run samples.

  • Extreme quantitative value in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • High sensitivity – RF-Lens, ion beam guide with neutral blocker and quadrupole mass filter combine to reduce noise and increase sensitivity for enhanced quantitative performance
  • Ultrafast selected-reaction monitoring of 500 SRM/s, with up to 30,000 definable SRMs, enables quantification of more compounds in less time
  • 5 order of dynamic range increases quantitative confidence
  • Superb robustness and reliability
  • Close integration with application-specific software ensures maximum productivity
  • Simple method development and easy operation

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