Photonis-ELECTRON-MULTIPLIERSPhotonis design and manufacture electron multipliers for analytical instruments and other charged particle applications. With their low mass and high gain properties, they are durable and efficient detectors used in many applications.

Extended Dynamic Range

Advanced Channeltron® detectors offer the highest dynamic range to insure a linear response beyond the limits of most analytic instruments. Developments in the Channeltron® technology have extended the dynamic range (exclusive EDR option), enhanced lifetime under the environments typically encountered in mass spectrometers, and improved detection efficiency at higher masses.

Superior Sensitivity

Improvements in conversion dynode technology have resulted in structures capable of operation at higher voltages and materials with improved ion-to-electron conversion yields for better sensitivity at higher masses.

Custom Performance

Photonis supplies nearly half of the world’s mass spectrometer detectors, designed to meet the mass spectrometer manufacturer’s exact needs. By customising everything from the coating to the desired throughput, we are experts in providing superior detectors. Whether you need the complete plug-and-play assembly or the stand-alone detector, Photonis will partner with you to design the exact product you need for your analytical instrument.

Please download the full list of electron multipliers (by instrument manufacturer) here and enquire for pricing through our contact page.