For major brands of lab instruments we offer a portfolio of high-quality parts for HPLC.

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  • £1,495.00

    THF 3 Channel, 480µL Solvent Degasser

    THF resistant chambers (as standard), 480µL internal volume, 3 channel kromega Solvent Degasser.

    • Communicates with 1100 and 1200 systems in exactly the same way that a G1322 / G1379 does
    • THF resistant
    • Long life – 5 years continuous run times
    • Quicker vac down times
    • 3 channels (independent chambers, so if one were to fail, can be economically repaired)
    • Internal channel volume of only 480µL
    • DuPont / Teflon AF membrane
    • Eliminates baseline fluctuations due to the vacuum pump
    • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
    • Advanced error & leak checking functions
    • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 mins
    • Removes pre-bubbles formed by cavitation vs bubbles formed by off-the-floor eluent reservoirs
    • Extremely quiet operational noise
    • Wetted parts – PEEK & Teflon AF
    • Integrates into any HPLC system