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  • £3,688.00

    Brezza NiGen MICRO Nitrogen Generator

    With an output flow of 5000 ml/min, this nitrogen generator is designed specifically for ELSD, AB LCMS and Thermal Analysis applications.

    • Delivers up to 5000 ml/min with a purity of 99.5%
    • High purity nitrogen due to PSA patented technology
    • Can be used with a dedicated air compressor

    Designed so that units can be stacked in multiple units in order to save space, as well as the interfacing up to 32 Brezza modules with one Brezza CPU unit.

  • £1,988.00

    Brezza ZeroAir 5 Air Purifier

    UHP Air Purifier for GC and LC/MS applications (FID, THC, NOX, BTX E SOX analyzers).

    • Can be wall-mounted or bench-top with outputs of 5 litres/min
    • High-efficiency Palladium-Platinum HC system for removal of HCTs < 0.1 ppm for an absolutely stable and disturbance-free baseline
    • Able to serve up to 14 FIDs