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  • £3,255.00

    Brezza AirComp Air Compressor

    Oil Free compressed air generation for GC—TOC and Atomic Absorption – can be integrated into NiGen GC/GC HC, AirGen GC, AirGen TOC, NiGen Micro and ZeroAir systems.

    • Delivers 20 l/min of compressed air from a full oil-free compressed at a pressure of 8 bar
    • Able to supply up to 2 Brezza modules
    • Ideally suited to provide clean compressed air to Brezza nitrogen & zero air generators
  • £3,842.00

    Lab Air Purifier Brezza ZeroAir 20

    UHP Air Purifier for GC and LC/MS applications (FID, THC, NOX, BTX E SOX analyzers).

    • Can be wall-mounted or bench-top with outputs of 20 litres/min
    • High-efficiency Palladium-Platinum HC system for removal of HCTs < 0.1 ppm for an absolutely stable and disturbance-free baseline
    • Able to serve up to 55 FIDs