CLAIND Brezza H-Series 200 Hydrogen Generator

Part No. CLB-H011

With an output flow of 200 ml/min, this hydrogen generator is designed specifically for gas chromatography applications and can be used to feed both Carrier Gas and as a fuel supply for FID, NPD, FPD, TCD detectors.

  • Flow of 200 ml/min
  • High purity of >99.9995% – can supply detectors and as carrier gas
  • Delivery pressure of up to 8 bar – suitable for “FAST GC”

Designed so that units can be stacked in multiple units in order to save space, as well as the interfacing up to 32 Brezza modules with one Brezza CPU unit.

Expected Delivery:

UK and Ireland: Between 2 working days and 4 weeks

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