Cleaning Wires for 26s and 31-33 gauge Hamilton Syringe needles

Cleaning Wires for 26s and 31-33 gauge needles


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Application Category: Syringe and Needle Cleaning Kit
Detailed Description: These cleaning wires are used with needle gauges 26s and 31-33.
Outer Diameter: 0.00350 inches (0.088 mm)
Sales Quantity : 10 wires per package

These fine gauge wires are made from tungsten and come in a variety of different sizes. By inserting the wire into clogged needles or partially clogged needles it is possible to dislodge the clog and restore function to the syringe.

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Packaged Weight 0.5 kg
Packaged Dimensions 35 x 5 x 6 cm


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