CN LC Guard Column. Porosity: 120Å, Length: 20mm, I.D.: 3.0mm, Particle Size: 5µm

Part No. AC-065221-G

L10 (Stainless Steel Hardware). Length: 20mm, I.D.: 3.0mm, pH range: 1-10 Guard

Cyano Phase 
Alternative NameCPS, CN
Functional Group-(CH2)3CN
USP DescriptionNitrile groups chemically bonded to porous silica particles - 3 to 10 µm in diameter
ApplicationUnique selectivity for polar compounds, more suitable than base silica for normal phase gradient separations. When used in reversed phase, the selectivity is different to that of the C8 and C18 phases. Useful for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications and for mixtures of very different solutes.
Normal PhaseYes
Reverse PhaseYes
Ion ExchangeNo
Typical Efficency:75000 plates/m
pH Range1-10

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