MX Class Pump. 40mL/min, 900psi, PEEK, Std Seal and Fluoropolymer Energizer, Pulse Damper, Pressure Leak Sensors, 1/16th Outlet

Part No. SSI-MX040PFX3A

MX Class Pump, 40 mL/min, 900 psi, PEEK, Self-Flush, with Transducer, Aqueous Seal with Fluoropolymer Energizer, 1/4-28 FB inlet (1/8″ Flex. Tubing), 1/16″ outlet. The economical MX Class consists of single-headed, positive displacement piston pumps incorporating additional features for challenging applications. With flow rates of 40 mL/min, up to 900 psi (62 bar), this model can be used in both analytical and small-scale preparative HPLC separations.

Standard fluid path materials are stainless steel and PEEK, in addition to optional titanium.

Expected Delivery:

UK: Max 11 working days
EU: Max 14 working days
Rest of World: Up to 21 working days

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