ODS-L LC Column. Porosity: 120Å, Length: 250mm, I.D.: 4.0mm, Particle Size: 5µm

Part No. AC-165831

L1 (Stainless Steel Hardware). Length: 250mm, I.D.: 4.0mm, pH range: 1-10

ODS-L Example 1.
kromega Select ODS-LOne particular advantage is that even pure water can be used as the eluent without the need for any organic modifier. Highly polar samples only soluble in water may be separated by this packing material, e.g. sugars and other saccharides.
1. Pyridine, 2. Phenol
COLUMNkromega Select ODS-L 5µm
DIMENSIONS15cm x 4.6mm
MOBILE PHASE100% Water (HPLC Grade)
FLOW RATE1 ml/min
DETECTIONRefractive Index

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