RephiSolo U Pack IX Kit. Like Millipore® cartridge & Millipak® 20 express filter QTUMMPEIX

Cartridge Kit Quantum IX QTUMMPEIX


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This alternative to QTUMMPEIX and QTUMMPKIX Quantum IX (ionex resin) includes a Millipak style filter unit for ionic and organic contaminants below trace level to match the water quality required for your application.

A 0.2 µm PES capsule filter is included to remove bacteria and particles above 0.2 µm size.

Compatible with Millipore® Milli-Q Academic, Milli-Q Biocel, Milli-Q Gradient, Milli-Q Element and Milli-Q Synthesis water purification systems.

Technologies employed: ion exchange and activated carbon.

1 pack.

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Packaged Weight 1.5 kg
Packaged Dimensions 45 x 13 x 13 cm


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Models Used On

Milli-Q® Academic, Milli-Q® Biocel, Milli-Q® Element, Milli-Q® Gradient, Milli-Q® Synthesis

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