UV Photometric Accuracy Standards

UV Photometric Accuracy Standards


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UKAS reference materials manufacturerThese UV Photometric Accuracy Standards are design to qualify Photometric Accuracy of UV Spectrophotometers to the limits defined in the EP.

Developed to be used in any laboratory regardless of the regulator and are as relevant to a pharmaceutical company as to a contract lab working to ISO 17025.

All products come supplied in flame-sealed ampoules to increase the shelf life and prevent contamination, with full certification.

Traceable instrument qualification adds confidence to all data generated. In addition, your audit trail is backed up by the independent verification by UKAS to ISO Guide 34

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All UV Spec

About kromega Certified Qualification Standards

Matching Quality with Flexibilty
Designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your HPLC and UV Spectrophotometer instrumentation qualification, this range of standards benefit any company, operating anywhere in the world, who use analytical equipment to produce data for regulators.

In addition, service providers performing calibration / qualification on behalf of organisations will also benefit from the traceability that this product range offers.