1800 Series Gastight® Syringes

Hamilton 1800 series syringes are gas and liquid tight, equivalent in design to the 800 series. As a further development of the 800/1700 series, they combine interchangeability of individual parts (glass barrel, plunger, reusable handle) with easy handling (adjustable plunger, drag and blow out stop). These syringes are available in capacities from 10µL to 250µL.

Typical applications are:

  1. Sample injections in HPLC valves
  2. Manual sample injections in GC
  3. Sample collection from deep containers

10µL – 250µL

Hamilton 1800 Gastight Syringes

  • For use with liquids
  • Cemented needles (N), removable needles (RN)
  • Precision-machined Teflon® PTFE-tipped plungers
  • Reinforced plungers
  • Plunger assemblies and glass barrels are replaceable

Operating Parameters

  • Maximum temperature for Cemented needle is 50°C and Removable needle 115°C.
  • Maximum test pressure is 6 bar


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Replacement Parts

Plunger Assembly NHA-32193HA-116001HA-116101HA-116102HA-487101
Plunger Assembly RNHA-32193HA-116001HA-116101HA-116102
Glass Barrel NHA-32175
Glass Barrel RNHA-32187HA-32188HA-32189HA-32190HA-32191
Holder AssemblyHA-32135HA-32135HA-32135HA-32135HA-32135
RN NutHA-30902HA-30902HA-30902HA-30902HA-30902