7000 Series Microliter Syringes

The 7000 series syringes are designed on the dead volume free principle of positive displacement. A fine tungsten plunger extends through the whole length of the needle end. These syringes are available in capacities from 0.5µl up to 5µL, with an accuracy of ±1% for the nominal volume.

Knurled Hub

The knurled hub is seated against a sealing ferrule at the junction of the needle/glass barrel to ensure injection pressure. To maintain this seal, periodically tighten the knurled hub until light resistance to plunger movement is felt. Use of pliers on the knurled hub may be required to achieve tightness.

The needle and tungsten plunger are exactly fitted and can be replaced as an assembly. Since the needle length and inner diameter determine the nominal volume, when ordering special needles (SN) only the length and point style can be defined. Point style 5 needles are not available.

Typical applications are:
Hamilton 7000 Microliter

  1. Sample injection in GC
  2. Sample pipetting in sub microliter range GC and TLC
  3. Micropipetting
  4. Animal injections
  5. Micro volume fluid transfers

0.5µL – 5µL

  • For use with liquids
  • Removable needles (KH)
  • Positive displacement
  • Sample contained in the needle
  • No dead volume
  • Replacement syringe parts


KH (Knurled Hub) Syringes


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