800 Series Microliter Syringes

The 800 series MICROLITER syringes are a development of the 700 series syringes and are liquid tight.

The plungers are equipped with a removable metal handle which prevents heat transfer and the fine plunger from bending. The handle is assembled with a special stop that prevents the plunger from blowing out. If the glass barrel becomes damaged, the barrel can be easily replaced in the lab. The accuracy is ±1% of the normal volume.

Typical applications are:

  1. Sample injections in HPLC valves
  2. Manual sample injections in GC
  3. Sample collection from deep containers

5µL – 250µL

Hamilton 800 Microliter Syringes

  • For use with liquids
  • Cemented needles (N), removable needles (RN)
  • Reinforced plungers
  • Barrel/plunger assemblies are replaceable
  • Plunger stop prevents plunger blowout

Operating Parameters

  • Maximum temperature for Cemented needle is 50°C and Removable needle 115°C.
  • Maximum test pressure is 6 bar/


N (Cemented needle) Syringes


RN (Removable needle) Syringes


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Replacement Parts

Barrel/Plunger Assembly NHA-32150HA-32151HA-32152HA-32153

Barrel/Plunger Assembly RNHA-32164HA-32165HA-32166HA-32167HA-32168HA-32169
B/P Assembly RN SyringeHA-32134HA-32129HA-32117HA-32120HA-32123HA-32126
Holder AssemblyHA-321350HA-32135HA-32135HA-32135HA-32135HA-32135
RN NutHA-30902HA-30902HA-30902HA-30902HA-30902HA-30902