Hamilton Removable Needles

Removable Needles

RN needles are made of stainless steel and available in volumes from 5µL to 100µL and 250µL up to 10mL syringes.

As standard they come in 51mm length, and contains the RN ferrule.

The needles are made of 90% platinum and 10% ruthenium and are designed for use with aggresive media.

RN Needle for Syringe Volume 2.5µL to 100µL
GaugeOD x ID (mm)Point Style 2Point Style 3Point Style 5Custom made
Point Style 5
Custom Made
Point Style 2, 3, 4, AS
340.16 x 0.06HA-207434
330.21 x 0.11HA-776206HA-780305
320.24 x 0.13HA-776205HA-780304
310.26 x 0.16HA-776204HA-780303
300.26 x 0.16HA-776203HA-780307
280.34 x 0.18HA-776202HA-780302
270.41 x 0.21HA-776201HA-780301
26s0.47 x 0.13HA-775802HA-776801HA-778407HA-773102HA-7804041
260.46 x 0.26HA-775803HA-776802HA-778408HA-773101HA-7804031
230.64 x 0.34HA-207423 1
22s0.72 x 015HA-775803HA-777001HA-788405HA-773104HA-7804021
220.72 x 0.41HA-775801HA-777002HA-778406HA-773103HA-780401
210.83 x 0.51HA-207421
191.07 x 0.69HA-207419

RN Needle for Syringe Volume 250µL to 10mL

GaugeOD x ID (mm)Point Style 2Point Style 3Point Style 5Custom made
Point Style 5
Custom Made
Point Style 2, 3, 4, AS
26s0.47 x 0.13HA-777902HA-778001HA-778403HA-773204HA-7806041
260.46 x 0.26HA-777904HA-778002HA-778404HA-773203HA-7806031
22s0.72 x 0.15HA-777903HA-778003HA-788401HA-773202HA-7806021
220.72 x 0.41HA-777901HA-778004HA-778402HA-773201HA-780601 1
201.07 x 0.69HA-207420
1 Available as point style AS

RN PEEK Needles for Syringe Volume of 250µL to 10mL

PEEK1.52 x 0.76HA-865001

RN Fused Silicon Needles for Syringe Volume of 5µL to 10µL

GaugeOD x ID (mm)Needle LengthPoint Style 3
FS 0.170.17 x 0.08100 mmHA-200285
FS 0.230.23 x 0.08100 mmHA-200295

Metal (N) Hub NeedlesMetal Hub Needles

The N needles (metal hub) come in 6 packs as standard.

The needles come in a variety of point styles and can be custom made.

The metal hub is made of brass and nickel plated.

Metal (N) Hub Needles
GaugeOD x ID (mm)SST Tubing No HubPoint Style 2Point Style 3Point Style 5Custom made
Point Style 5
Custom Made
Point Style 2, 3, 4, AS
340.16 x 0.06HA-21034
330.21 x 0.11HA-21033HA-774701
320.24 x 0.11HA-21032HA-774702
310.26 x 0.13HA-21031HA-774817
300.31 x 0.16HA-21030HA-774816
290.34 x 0.18HA-21029HA-774815
280.36 x 0.18HA-21028HA-774814
270.41 x 0.21HA-21027HA-774813
26s0.47 x 0.13HA-21039HA-90039HA-91039HA-772901HA-775119HA-7748191
260.46 x 0.26HA-21026HA-90026HA-91026HA-772903HA-775117HA-7748121
250.52 x 0.26HA-21025HA-90025HA-91025HA-772904HA-775116HA-774811
240.57 x 0.31HA-21024HA-90024HA-91024HA-772905HA-775115HA-774810
230.64 x 0.34HA-21023HA-90023HA-91023HA-772906HA-775114HA-7748091
22s0.72 x 0.15HA-21038HA-90038HA-91038HA-772902HA-775118HA-7748181
220.72 x 0.41HA-21022HA-90022HA-91022HA-772907HA-775113HA-7748081
210.83 x 0.51HA-21021HA-90021HA-91021HA-772908HA-775112HA-774807
200.91 x 0.60HA-21020HA-90020HA-91020HA-772909HA-775111HA-774806
191.07 x 0.69HA-21019HA-775110HA-774805
181.27 x 0.84HA-21018HA-775109HA-774804
171.47 x 1.07HA-21017HA-775108HA-774803
161.65 x 1.19HA-21016HA-775107HA-774802
151.83 x 1.37HA-21015HA-775106HA-774801
142.11 x 1.60HA-21014HA-775105HA-774905
132.41 x 1.80HA-21013HA-775104HA-774904
122.77 x 2.16HA-21012HA-775103HA-774903
113.05 x 2.39HA-21011HA-775102HA-774902
103.40 x 2.69HA-21010HA-775101HA-774901
1. Available as point style AS

Kel-F® (KF) Hub NeedlesKel-F Hub Needles

The KF needles (kel-f hub) come in 6 packs as standard.

The needles come in a variety of point styles and can be custom made.

Kel-F® (KF) Hub Needles
GaugeOD x ID (mm)Point Style 2Point Style 3Point Style 5Custom made
Point Style 5
Custom Made
Point Style 2, 3, 4, AS
Platin Needles
330.21 x 0.11
320.24 x 0.11
310.26 x 0.13HA-775022
300.31 x 0.16HA-775021
280.36 x 0.18HA-775019
270.41 x 0.21HA-775018
26s0.47 x 0.26HA-90139HA-90539HA-774612HA-775219HA-7750241
260.46 x 0.26HA-90126HA-90533HA-774610HA-775217HA-7750171HA-90526
250.52 x 0.26HA-90125HA-90525HA-774609HA-775216HA-775016 1
240.57 x 0.31HA-90124HA-90524HA-774608HA-775215HA-775015
230.64 x 0.34HA-90123HA-90523HA-774607HA-775214HA-775014 1
22s0.72 x 0.15HA-90138HA-90534HA-774611HA-775218HA-775023 1
220.72 x 0.41HA-90122HA-90134HA-774606HA-775213HA-775013 1HA-90522
210.83 x 0.51HA-90121HA-90521HA-774605HA-775212HA-775012
200.91 x 0.60HA-90120HA-90520HA-774604HA-775211HA-775011
181.27 x 0.84HA-774603HA-775209HA-775009HA-90518
171.47 x 1.07HA-774602HA-775208HA-775008
161.65 x 1.19HA-774601HA-775207HA-775007
142.11 x 1.60HA-775205HA-775005
132.41 x 1.80HA-775204HA-775004
122.77 x 2.16HA-775203HA-775003
113.05 x 2.39HA-775202HA-775002
103.40 x 2.69HA-775201HA-775001
1 Available as point style AS

Polymer Tubing with Kel-F® (KF) ConnectorHamilton Tubing Assemblies

Hamilton polymer tubing is manufactured from flanged PTFE tubing pressed into a PCTFE connector with a threaded hole.

Used with LT or TLL syringes, the tubing forms a completely inert system which allows highly corrosive liquids to be dispensed.

The polymer comes in different connection configuration. The standard length is 300mm, but can be ordered to your length / gauge requirements.

Kel-F® (KF) Hub Needles
GaugeOD x ID (mm)MaterialTubing Only1 KF Hub
1 KF Hub
Specify Length
2 KF Hubs
Specify Length and gauge
300.76 x 0.30PTFEHA-20930HA-90630HA-90680HA-86510
280.84 x 0.38PTFEHA-20928HA-90628HA-90678HA-86510
260.91 x 0.46PTFEHA-20926HA-90626HA-90676HA-86510
241.02 x 0.56PTFEHA-20924HA-90624HA-90674HA-86510
221.17 x 0.71PTFEHA-20922HA-90622HA-90672HA-86510
201.47 x 0.86PTFEHA-20920HA-90620HA-90670HA-86510
191.57 x 0.97PTFEHA-20919HA-90619HA-90669HA-86510
181.68 x 1.07PTFEHA-20918HA-90618HA-90668HA-86510
182.00 x 1.00FEPHA-20942
171.80 x 1.19PTFEHA-20917HA-90617HA-90667HA-86510
161.96 x 1.35PTFEHA-20916HA-90616HA-90666HA-86510
152.11 x 1.50PTFEHA-20915HA-90615HA-90665HA-86510
142.29 x 1.68PTFEHA-20914HA-90614HA-90664HA-86510
132.54 x 1.93PTFEHA-20913HA-90613HA-90663HA-86510
122.77 x 2.16PTFEHA-20912HA-90612HA-90662HA-86510
122.90 x 2.00FEPHA-20943
113.02 x 2.41PTFEHA-20911HA-90611HA-90661HA-86510
103.30 x 2.69PTFEHA-20910HA-90610HA-90660HA-86510
93.76 x 3.00PTFEHA-20909HA-90609HA-90659HA-86510
84.14 x 3.38PTFEHA-20908HA-90608HA-90658HA-86510
74.52 x 3.76PTFEHA-20907HA-90607HA-90657HA-86510