HPLC Flowmeter “2000”

HPLC Flowmeter 2000This Jaytee state of the art HPLC flowmeter – “Ultraflow 2000” has been developed from existing HPLC flowmeter technology and miniaturised to just one third the size and weight of other models, making it one of the most compact units available.

Main benefits:

  • Ultra compact size – one third the size and half the weight of other models
  • Wide volume range 0.05ml-25ml min-1
  • Superb Accuracy & Reproducibility with NAMAS calibration certificate included
  • Check pump performance & flow
  • Backlit LCD display with 4 digit resolution
  • RS232 Interface included as standard

Extreme Accuracy

The Ultraflow 2000 flowmeter measures flow extremely accurately over a range of 0.05ml – 25ml min-1. Flow rates are measured volumetrically and are independent of the liquid (up to a viscosity of 10 centipoise).

Check, Calibrate & Monitor

Every laboratory with HPLC equipment should have one to check, calibrate and monitor system flow.


A single chip micro-controller is used to control the flowmeter and the flow rate (rounded to 4 digits) displayed on a large 4 digit backlit LCD display. Data is outputted via the built-in RS232 interface at full 6-digit resolution.

All wetted parts are made of stainless steel, PTFE or Pyrex glass, making the flowmeter inert to all common HPLC mobile phases.

No User Calibration

No user calibration is required; the unit is supplied gravimetrically calibrated at 1.0(±1.0%) ml min-1.(Multiple point calibration certificates are available on request at extra cost).

Output To Any Device

Data can be outputted to any device fitted with an RS232 serial interface (eg. printer, terminal or PC)

All Jaytee Ultraflow 2000 flowmeters are supplied with the following accessories:-

  • Mains “wall block” power supply and choice of 230V 3 pin UK, 220V 2 pin European or 120V 2 Pin USA
  • RS232 Input/output cables – 8 way mini-din plug to PC COM port 9 pin female
  • UKAS traceable single point calibration certificate (UKAS is UK equivalent to A2LA)
  • Universal Mounting Kit allowing free standing mount, wall mounting, HPLC system stack mounting and bottle top mounting
  • Black plastic carrying case with foam inserts (all parts of mounting kit are packed within the carrying case)
Flow Rate Range0.05 - 25ml min-1
Accuracy± 1.0%
Reproducibility± 0.5%
Reading update time24sec @ 1ml/min-1
Measuring volume140µl
Priming volume250µl
Size138mm x 76mm x 45mm
LCD Display12.7mm - 4 digits plus 3 status symbols - Backlit
RS232 Output6 digits -XX.XXXX ml/min-1
Baud RateInternally selectable 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200, 600, 300 baud
CR/ / LF selectable X - on / X - off handshake