The kromega digital GC flowmeter makes measuring your gas flow easier and more accurate.GC Flowmeter

Obtaining accurate and reproducible measurements is vital in GC work. Designed and made in the Britain, the pocket sized digital gas flowmeter features a clear, readable digital display and with an in-built rechargeable battery, replacement is not an issue.

The flowmeter can be calibrated across its working range using test equipment that’s UKAS traceable – when the user sets the pressure and temperature of the working environment, the flowmeter automatically compensates for any variance from the calibration settings.

Expressly for GC

Checking the flow measurment for up to eight commonly used GC gases (Air, Argon, Argon / Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen) through a calibrated digital meter has never been more simple. From the options menu, you can to select the column diameter so that the linear velocity can then be determined and displayed. You can also easily switch between standard flow and linear velocity modes by simply pressing the “Next” button.

Uncalibrated / Calibrated

We supply 3 versions linked below – an uncalibrated version, one calibrated to ISO 17025 by an independent laboratory, and one calibrated across the span of the unit by a specialist laboratory:

Please view the tutorial above to see the flowmeter in use.

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