Solvent Deggaser by kromega
The kromega high performance stand-alone solvent degasser offers amazing performance for all HPLC systems.

How is it high performing?

The secret lies in the DuPont / Teflon AF membrane within each chamber, allied with the closed loop vacuum control, resulting in a constant vacuum (variable RPM). In addition, each of the solvent degasser chambers boasts an internal channel volume of 480µL*, thus achieving much quicker vac down times of seconds.

All the benefits of the A500100 High Performance Solvent Degasser

  • Long life – 5 years continuous run times
  • THF Resistant
  • Quicker vac down times
  • Internal channel volume: 480µL
  • DuPont / Teflon AF membrane
  • Eliminates baseline fluctuations due to the vacuum pump
  • Closed loop vacuum control means constant vacuum (variable RPM)
  • Advanced error & leak checking functions
  • Short vacuum pull-down times, typically 3 mins
  • Removes pre-bubbles formed by cavitation vs bubbles formed by off-the-floor eluent reservoirs
  • Extremely quiet operational noise
  • 1,2,3 or 4 channels (upgradable)
  • Wetted parts – PEEK & Teflon AF
  • Integrates into any HPLC system


High performance in a solvent degasser is pointless without reliability: the A500100 boasts 5 years continuous run times. Should one of the chambers fail, the clever design allows easy swap in/swap out of a new chamber. In addition, our special independent connection design avoid cross-contamination, thus any potential damage to the system – when other degassing units become redundant, the kromega A500100 carries on!

Cross system integration

Not only does the A500100 work with any HPLC system, it will also integrate into 1100 and 1200 systems (without having to change the standard tubing), with an added option for a ready output.

Available options include:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 Channels
  • Standard (non-THF resistant) chambers
  • 3 chamber volumes: Low (100µL), Standard (480µL)* and High (925µL)

*Ex stock

Comparison ChartKromega A500100Non Teflon AF Degassers
Max flow rate3 ml/min per channelTypical internal channel volume
Typical internal channel volume100µL / 480µL / 925µL12mL
Membrane materialDuPont Teflon AFPTFE
Closed loop vacuum controlYesNo
Channels1, 2, 3 or 41 - 4
Independent ChannelsYesNo
Wetted partsPEEK & Teflon AFPTFE, PEEK
THF resistant chambersYesNo
Low flow rate option <1.0ml/min
(100µL volume)
High flow rate option 10ml/min
(925µL volume)

THF Resistant Chambers