kromega HC Lamps for All Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Gauranteed for 2 years, our range of replacement AA lamps for all manufacturers, including Varian, PE, Unicam and Thermo come in a variety of configurations – data coded, 50mm 37mm as well as uncoded.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards and are guaranteed free from electrical and mechanical defects and come with a 24 month warranty from the date of despatch or 5000 milliampere hours usage, whichever occurs first.

The range offers the most popular elements and combinations, including standard 37mm and 50mm diameter to fit directly into Perkin Elmer AA equipment. The range includes data coded base option, for both Varian, Unicam and Perkin Elmer Aanalyst detectors, permitting the instrument to automatically identify the lamp element.

If you are unsure of the exact lamp type you require, contact our in-house lamp application expert for advice. We can also supply HC lamps of single and multi elements with different filler gas and lamps for special applications.

Please select your required element(s) below to view the full specification:

Aluminium (Al)Buy Aluminium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Al)
Arsenic (As)Buy Arsenic Hollow Cathode Lamps (As)
Cadmium (Cd)Buy Cadmium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Cd)
Calcium (Ca)Buy Calcium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Ca)
Chromium (Cr)Buy Chromium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Cr)
Copper (Cu)Buy Copper Hollow Cathode Lamps (Cu)
Gold (Au)Buy Gold Hollow Cathode Lamps (Au)
Iron (Fe)Buy Iron Hollow Cathode Lamps (Fe)
Lead (Pb)Buy Lead Hollow Cathode Lamps (Pb)
Magnesium (Mg)Buy Magnesium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Mg)
Manganese (Mn)Buy Manganese Hollow Cathode Lamps (Mn)
Nickel (Ni)Buy Nickel Hollow Cathode Lamps (Ni)
Potassium (K)Buy Potassium Hollow Cathode Lamps (K)
Selenium (Se)Buy Selenium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Se)
Silicon (Si)Buy Silicon Hollow Cathode Lamps (Si)
Silver (Ag)Buy Silver Hollow Cathode Lamps (Ag)
Sodium (Na)Buy Sodium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Na)
Tin (Sn)Buy Tin Hollow Cathode Lamps (Sn)
Titanium (Ti)Buy Titanium Hollow Cathode Lamps (Ti)
Zinc (Zn)Buy Zinc Hollow Cathode Lamps (Zn)

What are Hollow Cathode Lamps?

A hollow-cathode lamp (HCL for short) is a type of lamp used in atomic absorption spectrometers, as well as a frequency tuner for lasers.

The lamps are made up of a glass tube containing a cathode, an anode, and a noble gas. Various metallic elements are available, specific to the user’s methods. By passing a high voltage across the anode and cathode, the ionizes, creating plasma. The buffer gas ions will then be accelerated into the cathode, sputtering off atoms from the cathode.

The atoms that are produced are then excited by collisions with other atoms/particles in the plasma, and as these atoms decay to lower states, they emit photons, which can then be detected and a spectrum produced.

Either the spectrum from the buffer gas or the sputtered cathode material itself, or both, may be of interest.