Trajan Gas Filters

Jaytee are proud to distribute the full range of Trajan GC gas filters and purifiers – essential for your gas chromatography analysis.

With the best UK pricing available, and delivery times between 3-4 working days, we believe our value added technical service is second to none.

Clean gas | Accurate analysis | Easily installed

Contaminants in gases significantly impact the quality of your GC results – oxygen, hydrocarbons and moisture can lead to problems such as noisy baselines, moisture entering the GC column, excessive bleed and septa degradation.

Even if carrier gas is of the highest quality, contaminants can be picked up from every part of the gas line – a gas filter is, therefore, needed to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved.

Two Ranges – Cartridge & Big Trap

1. Cartridge System

The Trajan Gas Filter System consists of two key parts: the filters and the connecting unit.Trajan SGE 1035168 GC FID Gas Filter Kit, 1/8" (4 Filters, 4 Position Base Plates) | Like CP736530

Designed to provide fast stabilization times to reduce gas consumption, and provide clean gas to GC and GCMS systems, the cartridges come in a number of filtration options: Carrier gas, moisture, oxygen and hydrocarbon.

Key Features

  • The base plate enables the cartridge to be swapped out without any air entering the system
  • A spring-loaded check valve creates a seal when the spent cartridge is removed
  • Zero requirement for tools when installing
  • Every filter contains adsorbent packed into a transparent tough housing with a maximum working pressure of 219 psi
  • Perfectly suited to both GC and GC-MS systems

Gas Filter Selection Guide

TechniqueRecommended FiltersAdvantages
GC-MSCarrier gasHigh data accuracy, lower maintenance
GC columnMoisture and oxygenLonger lifetime
Electron capture detectors (ECD)Moisture and oxygenHigh sensitivity
Thermal conductivity detectors (TCD)Moisture and oxygenHigh sensitivity, lower maintenance
Flame ionization detectors (FID)Two hydrocarbonHigh sensitivity
Photoionization detectors (PID)Oxygen and hydrocarbonHigh sensitivity

Trajan Big Trap2. Big Trap Gas Purifiers

For bulk purification applications or where several instruments are plumbed from a single source, a Big Trap gas filter is an ideal solution. A one-piece heavy walled aluminium tube provides 750 cm3 of capacity and a pressure rating up to 250 psig.

Recommended applications

  • GC & GC-MS applications where helium is employed
  • Suitable for use with helium, hydrogen and nitrogen gas

Key Features

  • For oxygen, Moisture, Hydrocarbons & Universal
  • High capacity filters ideal for bulk purification
  • Can be used where several instruments are plumbed from a single gas source
  • Suintered stainless steel frits prevent particulate contamination

Big Trap Gas Filter Technical Specifications

HydrocarbonMoistureOxygenUniversal (suitable for helium, hydrogen and nitrogen)
FunctionRemoves organic
compounds from gas streams
Removes water, oil and other foreign material from the carrier gasRemoves oxygen as well as traces of sulfur and chlorine compounds from the carrier gasRemoves oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
Capacity80 g
depending on impurities
130 g3 LitresA cumulative level of 100 μg/L
of oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and carbon
monoxide at a flow rate of 8 L/min
Efficiency<15 ppb<5 ppb<1 ppb<100 ppb
Trajan GC Consumables
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