Run a Known Method on the System

As you have now ruled out human error the next stage is to separate the methodology from the instrumentation.

The best way to do this is to run a simple known method to prove the system is operating correctly.
Use a 1 or 2 component standard. Run isocratic, on a robust column. Run repeatability tests, most systems should achieve area reproducibility of <1% and retention time reproducibility of <0.5%.

If you don’t have a known method to run why not try this from Jaytee:

  • Autosampler reference standard – use CRM-1004
  • Column (C18 Low C-Load, 150mm, 4.6mm ID,300Å, 5µm) – use AC-165642
  • Mobile phase (70:30 Water:Methanol) – phone 01227 265333.