Established as the UK’s longest serving third party HPLC and GC service provider, Jaytee have developed an in-house Mass Spectrometry team providing expertise and fast-response.

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Our Business

The service sector of Jaytee encompasses the maintenance and qualification of most manufacturers’ HPLCs, GCs, UVs and Mass Spectrometers. We are a third party service company offering you the flexibility to consolidate contracts from multiple suppliers.

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HPLC & GC Servicing

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LC-MS/GC-MS Service

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We understand our customer service requirements and supply the full package, ranging from technical support through to complete inventory management and reporting.
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Qualification – “I want flexibility”

Our customers PQ/Validation requirements often vary, so in an effort to be as accommodating as possible we have developed a unique approach; Jaytee will tailor the qualification package to your needs.

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Service With Qualification

Our qualification packages involve a level of Quality, Compliance and Traceability worthy of a 100% QAC Award!

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Maintenance Agreements

Contract customers will benefit from preferential response time along with reduced travel and labour rates.

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MS Servicing

Jaytee’s in-house mass spectrometry capability enables us to provide the level of system maintenance and support that our customers demand.
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Maintenance Agreements

We offer a complete range of maintenance agreements with options for basic cover right through to totally comprehensive solutions with the option of in-built PQ/validation.
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Reconditioned LC-MS & GC-MS

With our new MS Lab, Jaytee refurbish instruments to manufacturer specifications, with a full warranty ready for purchase. Come and Visit. Try. Buy.
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Unsure of what mass spec servicing options Jaytee offer? Frequently Asked Questions listed here.