HPLC & GC Servicing Qualification Service with Cal Maintenance Agreements

HPLC & GC Servicing FAQs


Q. I would like to know at a glance my instrument reliability, and I want to make the right decision when replacing systems.


We are often asked this question because reliability is often perceived rather than proven. Jaytee can provide customised instrument / system / location History Reports demonstrating costs and downtime (from call to fix), thus simplifying your decision or justification.

Q. I like to have the same engineer because he knows my instrument history.


Although we actively encourage our engineers to build good customer relationships, we are also well aware that response time can be critical. Flexibility with knowledge is the key – we achieve this by keeping our engineers informed via highly informative documentation and continual dialogue.

Q. For compliance reasons I need to audit my service provider.


At Jaytee we welcome customer audits. We have received a 100% pass from our clients, demonstrating that we are a quality driven company focussed very much on compliance within our market sector.

Q. How do you know that the standards that you provide for calibration are compliant?


We manufacture our own standards within our laboratory at our facility in Kent, UK. These standards are tested on our own equipment, which is maintained in exactly the same manner as a normal service agreement. Such a regime ensures that we always maintain control and traceability throughout.

Q. My current supplier charges travel time by the hour so I never know how much a Call Out is going to cost until the engineer has arrived.


You need to know accurately how much an engineer call out is going to cost, so that you can justify the call!

At Jaytee we offer a fixed Call Day charge which INCLUDES TRAVEL and LABOUR for 1 day of an engineers time. Save money by getting 2 instruments repaired on the same day (still deemed as 1 Call Day).

Q. Do you carry out one off workshop repairs for HPLC and GCs from Agilent, Waters etc?


Yes. We will happily provide a pre-inspection of your instruments(s). On approval, we will fix the issue and ship back.

Q. Do I have to contact you in order to arrange my Preventative Maintenance visit?


No. All you have to do is tell us in which month(s) you will require the PM visit when you place the order for your service agreement. We will contact you between 4 and 6 weeks before the PM month to arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit to happen.

Q. Will you supply complete PM kits, or can I specify which parts are fitted?


Preventative Maintenance parts are supplied to our engineers based on a percentage probability of usage. At the quotation stage, we can provide you with a document showing the PM parts for each instrument, there probability of usage and ultimately the estimated cost per instrument. Our Service Management software allows us to capture any of your specific requirements as well. For example, some customers prefer to change their own lamps.

Q. Do your Service Agreements include Parts and Breakdowns?


Our Service Agreements are designed to build from the basics upwards. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Agreements include 1 or more PM visits and a discounted Call Out fee. YOU specify inclusions, e.g. whether you want PM parts, All parts, some Call Outs or All Call Outs included.

Q. Can I have the Service Agreement that I want?


Yes! All too often we hear of customers getting roped into extras that they didn’t want, or that they have not received exactly what they expected.

At Jaytee, we aim to give you the level of service that you require. The service agreement levels should be viewed as a starting point only which can then be tailored to your requirements.