“Ensure valid analytical results: Upgrade to accredited qualification.”

Reliable analytical measurement underpins the chemical industry; whether in pharmaceuticals manufacture, food safety or paint composition the need to ensure product quality and safety is paramount.

Jaytee’s UKAS Accredited Calibration Service for HPLC, GC & UV-Vis not only gives you confidence in analytical results, but also provides internal process savings by aiding compliance against a range of international standards, including ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 17034, ISO 17043 & ISO 13485.

The service is particularly relevant to new / growing laboratories that need to comply to a range of standards in order to meet their objectives.

Since gaining our UKAS certification, Jaytee have helped a myriad of such companies.

UKAS Accreditation Symbol Calibration


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Do you have confidence in your analytical results?

There are a number of variables that affect the performance of an analytical instrument, as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

The Jaytee UKAS Calibration service mitigates these unknown elements.

Investigation cycle for out of specification results

Figure 1. Investigation cycle for out of specification results 

The Benefits of using Jaytee’s UKAS Calibration

ISO 17025 requires any equipment to be calibrated if it:

  • affects the measurement accuracy
  • affects uncertainty
  • helps to establish the metrological traceability.

Our service does this, qualifying your HPLC, GC or UV-Vis to meet these requirements, giving confidence in your results, demonstrating it’s in good working order and allow swifter investigation when unexpected results occur.

This solution forms the foundation layer of the Data Quality Triangle, as outlined in the USP Monograph on analytical instrument qualification <1058>[3]:

Data quality triangle

Figure 2. The Data Quality Triangle

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