Protecting your laboratory equipment is vital – a specified uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is just one tool at your disposal that can help.

Jaytee use and supply the “Power Inspired” range of UPS that meet 2 basic objectives:

  1. to provide backup power for a relevant time when the primary power source is lost
  2. to provide protection from unstable power outputs (using pure sinewave technology)

The specific UPS system you will require depends on 2 main factors:

  • the combined wattage of your instrumentation – each of our UPS have a maximum load allowance. By calculating the combined wattage of your lab system, we can easily determine the applicable models for you.
  • the maximum likely downtime, in minutes – the critical calculation when considering which model to purchase is the maximum likely gap between power cutting off and the backup power kicking in. The runtime of each model is related to battery capacity – most models can be upgraded with additional batteries to extend the uptime.

Your site may employ backup generators for when mains power is not available, but even then, there will be downtime.

A UPS helps to bridge these outages, as well as deal with power spikes and drops.

TX-Range of UPS

TX Series

The new range of TX isolated UPS Systems from Power Inspired has been specifically developed for the laboratory environment. Incorporating isolation transformer technology (see below), and being of online double conversion topology, the units also provide protection against the 10 recognised power quality problems.

The role of UPS, incorporating an isolation transformer, in the lab environment

Circuit noise

Electrical noise and feedback caused by electrical equipment operating on a circuit is compounded by the addition of further instruments, as well as the presence of computer power supplies, AC adapters, fluorescent light bulbs, light dimmers and laser printers.

This electrical noise affects the performance of many laboratory instruments, so by using isolation, peak performance of your LC/GC and MS equipment can be maintained.

How Does Isolation Work?

Isolation transformers provide galvanic isolation of the input supply from the output. By blocking transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to the other and allowing AC components in signals to pass, an electrical system that is independent from the supply is established.


In locations where contact with water may be a concern, such as laboratories, it is desirous to protect the circuit with a residual current device. An isolation transformer provides both this required protection and an uninterrupted supply: should water be spilled, any contact with live conductors will only reference the conductors to earth. No current will flow, hence keeping the operator safe whilst maintaining power.

Features / Benefits

  • Zero noise
  • High quality power waveform
  • Fully configurable via the front panel LCD
    • At-a-glance indication of unit status
    • Output voltage adjustment
    • Battery charging current adjustment (allowing high capacity battery packs to be added as well as prolonging internal battery life by reducing the current limit. The matching battery packs offer the possibility of extending the runtime a minimum of fourfold with the addition of each cabinet).
  • Small Footprint
  • Capacity can be extended or reliability improved by connecting the 6 or 10KVA units in parallel.
  • The 1&3 KVA models are both pluggable units
  • Extend run times by adding additional battery cabinets
  • Emergency power off facility
  • Overload minimised with high output power factor of 0.9 or 1.0
  • Installation is easy – all models above 1KVA specification are fitted with wheels. When the units arrive on site, simply attach the included ramp to the pallet and wheel away.
ModelCapacityEfficiency (AC Mode)Efficiency (Battery Mode)BatteryDimension W x D x H (mm)Net Weight (kg)Part No.
TX1K1 KVA / 900W≥75%≥87%12V/7Ah190 x 421 x 31830.1UPS60001
TX3K3 KVA / 2700 W≥82%≥90%12V/9Ah190 x 426 x 44842.1UPS60002
TX6K6 KVA / 6000 W≥88%≥88%12V/7Ah250 x 592 x 826117UPS60003
TX10K10 KVA / 10,000 W≥88%≥88%12V/9Ah250 x 592 x 826142UPS60004


VIS Series

VIS series
The VIS range is an entry-level range that provides a pure sine wave output, cleaning up voltage fluctuations in your power supply. This could be as a result of poor service from your provider, or due to other power hungry instrumentation in your lab environment, such as printers, HVAC systems, refrigerators etc.

NB. If you require extended battery support, the VFI range is more suitable – please see below for more details.

Key Benefits

  • Surge Protection
  • Real-time Power conditioning with voltage regulation
  • Pure sine-wave output for sensitive devices
ModelCapacityWaveformCharging TimeBatteryDimension W x D x H (mm)Net Weight (kg)Part No.
VIS1000B1000VA / 700WPure Sine Wave4-6 hours recover to 90% capacity2 x 12V / 7Ah146 x 350 x 16010UPS10001
VIS1000B-IEC1000VA / 700WPure Sine Wave4-6 hours recover to 90% capacity2 x 12V / 7Ah190 x 426 x 44810UPS10002
VIS2000B2000VA / 1400WPure Sine Wave4-6 hours recover to 90% capacity2 x 12V / 10Ah250 x 592 x 82615UPS10003

underlineVFI SeriesVFI Series UPS

The VFI range meets all that the VIS ranges benefits, as well as offering “Double Conversion” backup power technology. This essentially means that in the event of mains power failure, the built-in battery automatically delivers smooth power, for a finite time. The models in this range determine the length of time that the batteries will power your system, and the amount of power available:

Key Benefits

  • Surge Protection
  • Real-time Power conditioning with voltage regulation
  • Pure sine-wave output for sensitive devices
  • Auto-battery re-charge
  • Uptime power via built-in batteries
ModelCapacityEfficiency (AC Mode)Efficiency (Battery Mode)BatteryDimension W x D x H (mm)Net Weight (kg)Part No.
B Series
VFI1500B1500VA / 1350W88%94%3 x 12V / 9Ah440 x 430 x 86.520UPS20001
VFI3000B3000VA / 2700W90%94%6 x 12V / 9Ah440 x 696 x 86.534UPS20002
VFI3000BL3000VA / 2700W90%94%No batteries, high capacity 12A charger440 x 572 x 86.534UPS20003
VFI6000BL6000VA / 5400W93.5%94%No batteries, 6A charger443 x 580 x 131
T Series
VFI1000T1000VA / 900W88%94%3 x 12V / 9Ah
144 x 400 x 25510UPS30001
VFI3000T3000VA / 2700W
90%94%6 x 12V / 9Ah
191 x 468 x 33725.5UPS30002
VFI10KT10KVA / 9KW93.5%94%16 x 12V / 9Ah
250 x 502 x 61664UPS30003

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