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Thermo TSQ Endura Ultimate 3000 LC-MS/MS System st5870

This superb Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Endura™ triple-stage quadrupole mass spectrometer, coupled with a Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC system, provides LODs and LOQs unrivaled in its class.

It delivers this best-in-class quantitation run after run and day after day, even for complex and difficult-to-run samples. Close integration with application-specific Xcalibur™ software ensures you attain maximum productivity.

The system's excellent analytical performance comes courtesy of breakthrough software and hardware developments that make operation far easier and more reliable than in Thermo's previous-generation triple quadrupoles.

Key benefits

  • Extreme quantitative value in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • High sensitivity - RF-Lens, ion beam guide with neutral blocker and quadrupole mass filter combine to reduce noise and increase sensitivity for enhanced quantitative performance
  • Ultrafast selected-reaction monitoring of 500 SRM/s, with up to 30,000 definable SRMs, enables quantification of more compounds in less time
  • 5 order of dynamic range increases quantitative confidence
  • Superb robustness and reliability
  • Close integration with application-specific software ensures maximum productivity
  • Simple method development and easy operation

The specific source is the EASY-Max NG™ API Source:

  • Automatic connection of all gases and voltages on installation for simpler operation and greater reliability.
  • Automatic source recognition for ease of use and simplified data logging.
  • Sweep gas reduces chemical noise.
  • Enhanced exhaust port efficiently removes solvent vapor, improving uptime and reducing chemical noise.
  • Optimal 60 degree spray angle.
  • Minimal adjustment.
  • Interchangeable HESI and APCI ionization probes.
  • Dual-mode HESI and APCI capability.

See Thermo Scientifics full description and specification here >>

TSQ Endura Main Specifications

  • Mass Range: m/z 10–3400
  • Resolution: Q1 and Q3 adjustable to 0.4 Da peak width (FWHM) across the entire mass range
  • Scan Rate: 15,000 amu/second at a resolution of 2 FWHM / 500 SRM/second (for any resolution from 0.4 through 2.0 FWHM) / 25msec polarity switching
  • Mass Stability: Mass assignment will be within ±0.05 Da over a 24 hour period. The laboratory room temperature must be maintained between 18–27 °C (65–81 °F). The room temperature may not change by more than 5 °C (9 °F) during this period.

System Includes

  • Thermo TSQ Endura LC-MS/MS
  • EASY-Max NG™ API Source
  • Ultimate 3000 UHPLC System (various options available)
  • Sogevac SV65 BI FC Roughing Pump
  • PC inc TFT running Xcalibur software
  • New Samsung Printer
  • UK Installation - enquire for EU
  • 12 month Warranty (UK - enquire for EU)

Available for demo (in lab or online) now - please enquire below.


  • System - specification as outlined in the main description
  • Sample testing - supply your compound(s) and our method development expert will provide the results for instrument assessment
  • Demonstration of capability at our lab in Kent, UK
  • Operational Data, Performance Data
  • Full service report
  • System Installation by our in-house MS Engineer (enquire if outside the UK)

Optional Extras

  • Water re-circulator
  • Syringe pump - New or reconditioned
  • Nitrogen Generator - New or reconditioned
  • Air Purifier - from CLAIND
  • Air Compressor - from CLAIND
  • Maintenance Agreements / Calibration - As the UK's biggest independent service provider of LC/GC instrumentation, we offer 4 levels of cover. Details here...


Jaytee Biosciences Ltd provide a 12 month on-site warranty (UK), effective from the date of installation.

Note: Our warranty terms quoted for this system apply to mainland UK customers. For clients outside of this locale, please enquire at point of sale.

All warranty repairs will be attended on-site however Jaytee Biosciences reserve the right to return the instrument to base for further troubleshooting if required.


  • Capillaries
  • Tubing
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Exhaust Filters
  • Air Filters
  • PCs and Monitors
  • LC/GC Column Fittings
  • Electron Multipliers

Any other parts where cause of failure can be traced to customer error, neglect or accidental damage.

If you have any further queries or questions regarding warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us below.