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About Jaytee

The UK’s leading independent provider of service solutions for HPLC, GC, MS and molecular spectroscopy. Founded in 1987, we have a proven track record in quality and performance for analytical instrument servicing in key market sectors including pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, food safety, forensics and academia. We are certified to ISO 9001 for our QMS and UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for instrument calibration services. Our range of services include preventative maintenance agreements (PM), qualification / calibration, relocation / requalification, training and complementary laboratory products such as reconditioned instruments / systems, consumables, supplies and parts.

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Mass Spec Maintenance Agreements

Our own roots

Jaytee offer three types of MS Service Agreement – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 dependent on the type of cover you require. Each agreement comprises 1 or more Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits inclusive of PM parts, engineer labour and associated documentation.

Level One

Our ‘Level 1 MS Maintenance Agreement‘ offers a basic level of cover, including 1 Preventative Maintenance visit:

  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Typical 48hr On-Site Response Time
  • 1 x PM Labour Visit, PM Parts, Engineer Report & PM Documentation
  • Reduced callout rate on breakdown visits

Level Two

The ‘Level 2 MS Maintenance Agreement‘ includes all the features of our Level 1 agreement with the added benefit of inclusive unlimited engineer breakdown travel and labour:

  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Typical 48hr On-Site Response Time
  • 1 x PM Labour Visit, PM Parts, Engineer Report & PM Documentation
  • Unlimited Breakdown Travel & Labour

Level Three

Our ‘Level 3 MS Maintenance Agreement‘ is designed for customers requiring a complete fully comprehensive package:

  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Typical 48hr On-Site Response Time
  • 1 x PM Labour Visit, PM Parts, Engineer Report & PM Documentation*
  • Unlimited Breakdown Travel & Labour
  • All-Inclusive Breakdown Parts

‘Plus’ – Mass Spectrometer PQ / Validation

If required, Jaytee can also carry out PQ / Validation of your Mass Spectrometer after the Preventative Maintenance Service. Fully traceable standards are used and all the necessary qualification documentation is provided so that you can meet your regulatory requirements.This option can be added to any of the above MS service plans but your HPLC/ GC must also be covered under a Jaytee service agreement, for you to take advantage of this service.

Multi-Year Agreements

Extra discounts are available for multi-year Preventative Maintenance agreements. Please ask us for a quotation for 2, 3 or 5 year agreements to receive considerable savings.

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HPLC, GC & Molecular Spectroscopy Maintenance Agreements

Hot and spicy

Jaytee offers four types of Preventative Maintenance Agreement for HPLC,GC and Molecular Spectroscopy instrumentation – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze Maintenance Agreement

Our ‘Bronze’ maintenance agreement offers a scaled down preventative maintenance visit which includes:

  • Travel and labour on the preventative maintenance visit
  • Discounted breakdown call fee
  • Optional parts inclusive maintenance package
  • Optional breakdown calls inclusive package (Plus)

Silver Maintenance Agreement

Our ‘Silver’ maintenance agreement includes all the benefits and options of ‘Bronze’ but with the addition of:

  • Enhanced Preventative Maintenance procedures
  • Post maintenance system tests
  • Optional system test certificate/s available for an additional fee
  • Inventory reporting and management

Gold Maintenance Agreement

Our ‘Gold’ maintenance agreement is built on the benefits of ‘Bronze’ and ‘Silver’ and is primarily designed for companies requiring compliance/traceability: Qualification tailored to meet your GMP & regulatory requirements.

Our qualification package includes consultation, document preparation and implementation to strict company procedures.

Platinum Maintenance Agreement

Our ‘Platinum’ maintenance agreement involves an on-site presence for a pre-determined number of days per week. This package is normally only viable for customers with more than 30 systems and generally encompasses ‘Gold’ PM & Qualification with immediate callout cover.

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Mass Spectrometry Instrument Repair & Service

Our own roots

Jaytee offer a total Mass Spectrometer instrument maintenance solution – our in-house MS capability provides Jaytee with an unequalled ability to provide the level of instrument maintenance our customers require.

Engineer Training

Jaytee believe in Quality First. Although training costs money, we invest heavily to ensure that our engineers are qualified and capable, utilising documented procedures and documented training records.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Reliability comes as standard. All workmanship is fully warrantied. Repairs are covered for a minimum of 3 months.

Negotiable Contracts

A wide range of contracts are available to cover most eventualities, from a preventative maintenance visit only, up to fully comprehensive agreements. Should you require something ‘different’ then will endeavour to provide a solution.

Simplified Call Rates

If you would prefer not to have an agreement, then our Simplified Call Rates option provides a daily rate solution. If you have a contract with a limited number of emergency days, the ‘rate’ is reduced for additional days.

Service Management

Our Service Management and Customer Relations Management database enables us to manage you and your inventory. Our processes are pro-actively driven, and allow us to pre-empt and manage your servicing requirements.

Telephone Helpline

Technical support comes as standard with Jaytee whether you choose to have call-out repairs or a maintenance agreement.

Workshop & Lab Facilities

The Jaytee MS Lab provides the service department with excellent facilities to repair and test system components and complete mass spectrometers, as well as providing a demonstration area for our range of second user mass spectrometers.

Which Manufacturers / Models?

  • ABI Sciex
  • Waters Micromass
  • Agilent
  • Thermo
  • Varian
  • VG
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HPLC & GC Instrument Repair & Service

Hot and spicy

Being the UK’s premier third party UPLC, HPLC & GC maintenance and qualification provider, Jaytee’s repair and pre-maintenance solutions are the cost effective answer to your total instrument compliance requirements.

We are able to provide dedicated engineers, from 1 to 5 days a week, throughout the year. Even if your portfolio is made up of 20 systems, our on-site agreements prove cost effective.

All plans that are offered by Jaytee Biosciences are devised to give you the customer the widest range of options. If however our standard plans are not exactly what you require, we are happy to discuss ways that enable us to fulfill your requirements.

Jaytee’s qualification engineers are highly trained in all aspects of qualification from actually performing the qualification procedures to document control and buddy checking. All our engineers have completed specific training courses, and have individual training records.

Brand-Independent, IQ/OQ & PQ, Competence You benefit from a wide range of services needed during the life cycle of all your chromatography instruments, includeing:

  • Coverage of many manufacturers and models (i.e. Waters, Agilent, Thermo, Shimadzu, Hitachi, PerkinElmer)
  • Installation and introduction-training
  • Qualification IQ, OQ & PQ
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Breakdown maintenance
  • Validation

Benefits of an agreement with Jaytee:

  • One point of contact for all your chrom instruments
  • Cost-savings by bundling and harmonization
  • Contract cover tailored for customer requirements
  • Maximum up-time of your instrument
  • OEM or aftermarket parts (your choice)
  • ISO 17025 accredited standards.
  • All relevant documentation provided
  • Harmonised validation-procedure
  • Team of trained and equipped engineers to support
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Qualification for HPLC, GC and Molecular Spectroscopy

Our own roots

Jaytee have evolved a complete system of instrument qualification offering the customer a much more comprehensive service.

We have developed a unique system to ensure that all customer labs can meet, with confidence, the criteria required by the various regulatory bodies.

Four stages for Compliance:

Jaytee’s approach to qualification is divided into four stages. Each stage allows you to achieve your goals, without the need to set up your own elaborate systems and procedures.

  • Consultation – Deciding your qualification strategy and the tests that you require.
  • Adaptation – Forming a set of procedures from the information gained from the consultation stage.
  • Implementation – Using the unique combination of procudures to generate the required documentation and start the qualification process.
  • Review – At regular intervals we review the qualification procedures with our customers to ensure that the methods are updated to the latest specifications.
The Agreement

Consultation stage is free of charge

  • Analyse current checks that are performed
  • Qualification schedules are drawn up, along with testing agreement
  • Quotation provided for qualification agreement
  • Quote accepted
  • Adapt and implement the “Four stages for Compliance”

This whole process is designed to reduce the cost burden of implementing successful qualification at a competitive price.

The need for documentation

Jaytee are very aware that the quality of all documentation, from procedures to certificates and raw data forms, must be of the highest standards. We ensure that all documentation is controlled and signed off at the time of the qualification.

Qualification Certificates

Based on validated spreadsheets, our certificates are customer specific, but are based on a collection of standard certificates linked together.

Full Data Audit Trail

Supplied with the qualification certificates is a collection of completed standard forms that are used to record the results.

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Reconditioned Mass Spectrometery

Hot and spicy

Jaytee’s fully operational reconditioned MS systems come at hugely discounted prices compared to new OEM solutions. By adding on our warranty and service plans, peace of mind comes as standard.

With all systems available for viewing at our demo lab, we also provide full calibration and performance documentation online.

We offer MS based products and services, including:

  • fully serviced, installed and warrantied systems
  • refurbished rotary pumps
  • maintenance agreements
  • MS maintenance kits
  • method development
  • phone help and support

All of our systems are available to rent for between 3 and 24 months. Please enquire at point of sale for full details.

Pricing & Discounts

We are proud of our pricing structure and transparency when it comes to what we charge. We also have a flexible approach to discounts, with a guaranteed 10% for all universities and educational establishments.


The core of our engineering team comprises 3 MS specialists, as well as a specialist in method development. We also employ general service engineers with experience in Agilent MSDs. Our workshop staff carry out rotary pump overhauls and general maintenance.

Full Systems

Whilst some companies provide HPLC or GC and MSs, at Jaytee we provide the full package. A big part of the value comes in resolving software issues – our skill in configuring and installing the various models means that you receive an “out-of-the-box” solution ready to go.


Worried that once you receive a system, there will be no on-going support? With over 30 years in providing pre-maintenance, on-site service support and call-out response, we have the engineering capacity & expertise to fulfill service plans and agreements to suit you.

Star Service

As a company that focuses on high service levels, we endeavour to provide a seamless transition throughout the purchasing process – from initial enquiry, through demonstration, negotiation and installation.

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Reconditioned HPLC, GC & Molecular Spectroscopy

Our own roots

Jaytee lead the way in offering a serious alternative to new instrumentation at a competetive price, with warranty.

Serviced in the UK and shipped to over 70 countries worldwide, our systems are backed with an expertise built over 35 years in maintaining chromatography equipment for some of the world’s most respected pharmaceutical companies.

From leading manufacturers such as Agilent, Waters, Dionex, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Merck-Hitachi and Jasco, we pride ourselves in providing high quality used instrumentation that come fully working as standard, and with full OQ certification.
Every solution is available for purchase, rental or exchange, allowing you to equip your laboratory in the most cost-effective way.

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Online Shop

Hot and spicy

Jaytee offer a wide range of parts, products and consumables for sale through our online shop.

Featuring the following categories:

  • Dissolution parts and consumables
  • SGE Syringes
  • Lab Gas Generators
  • HPLC

    • Pumps
    • Certified Qualification Standards
    • D2 Lamps
    • Degasser Spares
    • Fittings
    • Flowmeters
    • Columns
    • Pump & Autosampler Spares
    • Solvent Degassers
    • Syringe Filters
    • Tubing & Accessories
  • GC Autosampler Syringes
  • MS

    • Parts
    • Syringe Pumps
  • UHPLC Fittings
  • UV Spec Certified Qualification Standards
  • Vials & Caps
  • AA Lamps
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kromega Alternative Parts, Products & Consumables

Our own roots

  • Jacketed Glass Reactors
  • Reference Material Delivery Pump
  • Rotary Evaporators
  • Solvent Degasser
    • Certified Qualification Standards
    • D2 Lamps
    • Degasser Spares
    • HC Lamps
    • GC-MS PM Kits
    • LC-MS PM Kits
    • LC Columns
    • LC Pump & Autosampler Spares
    • Syringe Filters
    • Tubing & Fittings
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CLAIND Laboratory Gas Generation

Hot and spicy

Jaytee are sole UK distributors and service agents for the CLAIND “Olympia” and “Brezza” range of generators.


Designed to complement the Brezza range by offering additional benefits in the LC-MS-MS field, all OLYMPIA products benefit from high volume performance, extremely quiet operation, low profile for under bench placement and full Internet-of-Things (IOT) control via web browser.

Main benefits

SILENT: Special soundproofing and anti-vibration solutions, designed specifically for the laboratory

ENERGY SAVING:-30% energy consumption using power optimization software

LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS: Less engine stress and longer compressor life thanks to the variable speed and low

LOW PROFILE: Low enough to fit under the bench

TECHNICAL: Equipped with ‘Scroll’ Oil Free technology and built- in membrane dryer
WARRANTY: 2 years as standard


Main benefits:

  • Easy, space saving modular assembly
  • Delivers different gas types and purities for your specific application
  • Single, integrated control for all units in the stack
  • Gas generators can be located away from the instrument
  • Huge cost savings over conventional cylinders
  • Amazingly low running costs
  • Rent / purchase plans that include consumables and agreements over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years
  • Inclusive annual maintenance packages available
Hydrogen – HyGen 200/400/600

There are 3 Hydrogen products – a 200ml/min, 400ml/min and a 600ml/min output model. The Brezza range has been designed for gas chromatography applications and can be used to feed both Carrier Gas and as a fuel supply.

Nitrogen – NiGen GC/HF/LCMS/MICRO

CLAIND have developed a range of application specific Nitrogen Generators that deliver gas to GC, LC-MS, ICP, ELSD, Thermal Analysis and Sample Prep as required.

Air Purification

CLAIND have developed a 3 air purification products for GC and TOC applications.

Compressed Air

Oil Free Compressed air generators for GC-TOC and Atomic Absorption and LCMS, GC-TOC and Atomic Absorption.

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Relocation Services

Our own roots

When it comes to safely moving whole laboratories, there are a myriad of factors to account for.

Over the years, Jaytee have developed a method of working with clients that minimises downtime, and replicates lab functionality with a minimum of issues.

At Jaytee, we have a wealth of experience to impart on the process and as your single contact, the administrative burden on your staff is reduced dramatically and with a skilled, experienced team, Jaytee provides efficient and safe lab moves.

Throughout the lab relocation process, Jaytee remains:

  • Flexible. We can help you address the unexpected needs that arise in a move
  • Committed to communication. Frequent communication is key to the success of any lab relocation project
  • Each lab relocation is unique. Contact us now to find out the details of how Jaytee reduces the toll a lab move has on your staff and your productivity.

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